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Worst diet & weight loss foods

I made a post on Tik Tok yesterday (Follow me at happyweightcork)

Why I hate diet foods

I hate diet foods because they are not health foods 🍎🥑🥬🍓🫐🍑🍠🥔🥕💪🏽🥰
& they are not taste foods 🍩🍪🍰🍿🍫🍦🧁🤤🥰
So what is the point!!!!????
If you love them, knock yourself out ❤️ but for me, I was eating these foods as a compromise 😒😞, always trrryyyyying to be good. Of course, the more I was trying to be good, excluding myself from what others were eating, the bigger I was getting 😔

Why they stop weight loss

When we are eating food we don’t totally love😒😴 it results in a lot of snacking between meals, binging or overeating at evenings or weekends.

It also results in us turning into a person who says “oh go on I deserve it” and then overeating🥴. ( a topic for another blog perhaps)

Also, diet or low fat or low sugar foods usually have a TEENY difference in calories from the food they are copying & often are so so processed with junky ingredients.

There are studies that have found that when people have disordered eating / a weight problem have a distorted view of foods and calories i.e that there is a HUGE difference between “good” foods or “bad” foods when they’re usually is barely a difference.

Also people commonly confuse nutrition with calories/ weight loss.

White bread has fewer calories than brown bread, but brown bread is recommended in diets because it is higher in fibre.  The thinking is if we feel full (from fibre) we would stop eating – AMMM ..🤣 ..well if you are a comfort eater you will know the opposite. If we haven’t got comfort from our food if we have had something very unsatisfying, it doesn’t matter how full we are!.. we are going to keep eating!!

Time to let your weight problem in the past

Every day you are using these fake foods, in replacement of foods that you will at some stage have to eat ( either when eating out, or with others or on holidays) you are delaying your recovery from a weight problem.

To overcome a weight problem we have to learn how to eat normal foods normally – not either restrict ourselves from them or else binge and go mad on them. We have to PRACTICE the in-between:daily eating of foods that we love without overeating/ eating until we have the ick🥴

A health food 👸🏻💪🏽is something that grows from the ground, walks on the land, swims in the sea. It is not something that is in a bag or packet & could outlive us all!
By my measure a taste food 👸🏻🤤is something that tastes AS good or better than Ferraro Rocher , Toblerone, Taytos, Doritos, really good brownie or pastry – but that’s just me. What are yours!?

The more you want to lose weight..

The more you want to be your ideal weight/ the more you want to lose weight, the less room you have to consume ANY food you don’t love the taste of or the feeling of.

It is important to start being very awake and aware when you eat – get to know what you LOVE 🥰 gives you the taste and feeling in your stomach that you love & what you doesn’t 😒👎🏼

#nofoodwaste 😒🥴🤢#onlyfoodLOVE ! 💯❤️ #quality #onlythebest

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