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Some Honest Feedback From My Clients

I’ve had a great experience with Aoife and could not recommend her highly enough, she is very friendly, supportive and always wants the best for you, I found the plan really good for me from a value for money point of view and the plan was not your usual don’t eat this, don’t eat that and I found that really refreshing to be honest and the times for the weekly calls were always at times that suited me! Thanks Aoife – Barry, West Cork

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for all of your expertise, patience and guidance over the past few months. You have helped me change my mindset, not only about food and eating but most importantly about how I speak to myself and the importance of focusing on how I deserve to feel. It is clear from our consultations that you live what you teach and that is how I built my trust in you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, it was the best investment for my mind and body. Thank you Aoife – Marie, Limerick

Happy Weight is different and I am delighted that I made the decision to contact Aoife and join.    I always had the great intention of “starting tomorrow” which of course never comes.   I have lost a stone and a half since joining Happy Weight.   It gave me the motivation to keep going.    I now eat when I am hungry and I have gained the strength to buy only the food I need instead of filling my shopping basket with unnecessary food items.  With Happy Weight there is ongoing help and motivation with podcasts along the way.   Thank you Aoife for making my weight loss journey a very different and positive experience.

Elizabeth, Cork

I had tried many diets all of which worked but unfortunately, at the end of each diet I would reach my target and something inside caused me to sabotage all the good done and I’d end up back where I started. I decided I was doing no more diets where you were eating more protein bars or more carbs, less fat I wanted a programme to put me on a new way of living. Aoife did just that, I think maybe 3 weeks in Aoife said something that triggered something and things really feel into place. I didn’t give up anything I liked not even my nights out but I stopped over doing it. Towards the end of my programme we could space out appointments. By the end of my time with Aoife I had lost 15-16lbs. What I loved most is I am not consumed by the thoughts of what I should eat today or feeling guilty about what I did eat. Thanks Aoife.

Christine, Cork

Aoife has been wonderful. She has helped me understand that listening to my body is way more powerful than any diet programme. She is very empathetic and non-judgmental as in the past she has also struggled with her weight. If you want to have a healthier relationship with food I would highly recommend you give her a call. 

Karen, Cork

After acknowledging to myself after 30 years of suffering that I had an eating disorder, I sought Aoife’s help. Aoife has taught me skills which have enabled me to enjoy eating and taste food again and to also accept my body and my shape. I can’t praise her enough for her knowledge, expertise, and encouragement. I am now on the right road to recovery and living a better life!



Aoife is wonderful to deal with, she has a great attitude and her approach to reaching your happy weight is so eye opening. She helped me to start building better habits and to challenge my negative thoughts around weight and body image. Getting to my happy weight doesn’t have to be a struggle and I can enjoy the journey. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Aoife 😊



I am so grateful to have found Aoife and Happy Weight, it has been a truly life changing program. While it has helped me to lose weight at a slow and steady pace, the most valuable result is my change in mindset and my new found love for food!

She has really helped me to understand how harmful my disordered eating habits were, and how having compassion and self love for your body is the only real way to heal ❤️



A big thank you to Aoife for transforming how I think about food. It’s a crazy scenario to say that I am enjoying food more than I ever did, I’m eating tastier food, I’m not feeling guilty after meals or snacks – and I am back to my ‘ideal’ weight! It feels too good to be true. I am so glad that I found – I’m happy that I didn’t start another Monday morning diet, and that I found someone who has truly changed my relationship with food! It has been life changing!

For years I spent every Sunday claiming on ‘Monday I will be good with food’ – and starting a diet on a Monday morning, only to fail due to hunger or stress withing only a few days/hours of starting! It affected my mood and my relationships. Aoife thought me to understand my body’s needs and to truly treat food as a joy rather than a guilt. It takes time to dismiss all the teachings of the diet culture from my brain/habits – but was a much more enjoyable process with Aoife by my side!



Aoife has transformed my relationship with food. Pre Aoife that relationship was about restriction, willpower, disappointment, guilt, anger when I had a ‘bad’ week, fright if there was an event coming up and overeating because I wasn’t eating food that tasted or satisfied me as I was eating foods that the diets told me would help me lose weight. So I ate more because my meals weren’t satisfying me.

After Aoife s programme, my relationship with food is now all about taste, eating what tastes right for me at any given time but not looking for more rubbish after my meals because my hunger and taste are satisfied. I m not raiding the kitchen cupboards after dinner as my dinner has done its job and satisfied me. I m not eating crisps and chocolate in the car on my own which is just sad. I eat crisps and chocolate but not secretly and I am now a person who can have two squares of chocolate and can stop at that !!!

Aoife guides and supports you through her programme with kindness, respect, confidence and patience but what drew me to her programme the most was the scientific knowledge she has as a dietitian to back up her programme which adds credibility and a solid foundation to her advice.

Mary, Cork


Working with Aoife has made a huge difference to m y relationship with food. I have been on so many diets over the years. I had reached a stage where I made a vow to myself that I would never go on another diet be that Weightwatchers or Noom or Slimming World or whatever. In my experience, anything that involves meal-planning and dieting means that while I might lose weight initially, I will always end up gaining it back and a bit more along with it. Aoife’s approach is: no weigh in, no meal plan. Instead, listen to what your body really wants, give your body what it really wants, trust yourself and be kind to yourself. I had given up dieting for about two years before I went to Aoife, but I still wasn’t listening to my body or trusting myself, or being kind to myself. As a result, I was afraid that I would never in my whole life again be able to lose weight. I was prepared to accept that, if that was how it was going to be but, for health reasons and to feel better in myself, I wanted to try to lose weight if I could, provided there was no dieting involved. I went to Aoife as a last resort and I have to admit that I was very doubtful at the start. But since going to Aoife I have lost weight – very gradually and without drama and without most people noticing anything except that I’m looking well – and I feel better about myself than I have in years. I also feel hopeful that I will continue to feel like this. I’ve had a mantra through my time with Aoife – ‘this change is real and it is permanent and it’s what I believe. Thanks Aoife

Noreen, Cork


The best decision you will ever make is to reach out to Aoife & Happy Weight for support. I honestly thought I was out of options before my GP suggested Aoife’s help and I haven’t looked back.

When I look back at the state I was in mentally & physically before I started the course, I know I am a completely different person now. I am so much happier, healthier, a LOT lighter and my energy levels are off the chart!

I didn’t realise how much food and my excess weight was consuming my thoughts all day, every day until I started talking to Aoife. She has taught me how to switch off those negative thoughts about myself and my appearance and focus on how I feel, what makes me happy and to be honest, it’s very rarely just food.

Her approach is interesting, fun and down to earth. So relatable.

Don’t hesitate or feel ashamed for needing help, it was a leap of faith for me and it’s been a huge success.

Keep up the great work Aoife 😊

McCarthy, Cork


Going to see Aoife has completely changed my mindset and I would say it has been a life changing experience. I have a long way to go to fully purge a lifetime of brainwashing but the freedom this has given me from food, and judgment and guilt and shame around food and eating has really been amazing. I feel free, free from dieting, and plans I don’t stick to, and eating food I don’t like because it’s “good” and then binging on the food I do like which was “bad”. I am looking at a completely different person in the mirror, not just because I am looking better but I am seeing myself differently, which matters more. this is a mindset shift, not a fad diet plan and I knew I needed someone to help me break the cycle and the control food had over me and Aoife was the person to do that, she is non judgemental, non pushy but gently guides you with advice, stories and analogies that stick and somehow managed to change how I saw myself and how I spoke to myself. I no longer feel like a fat person wanting to lose weight, but I already feel like the slim me that is on its way. I will never diet again and can clearly see how and why they don’t work. Thank you Aoife for this gift.

Cliona, Cork


I started Aoife 3months program back in March and, I can now enjoy myself before, during and after eating stuff I love.

Since then, I haven’t had a binge, nor the need to. I still have some way to my happy weight, but I am getting there, and it’s not difficult 🙂

I loved working with you, and miss our talks 🙂



Aoife helped me to get out of my head and reconnect me with what my body actually needs food-wise, while losing weight. Before working with Aoife I struggled hugely with food. Food was the enemy, something I was scared of, and it was very stressful and all-consuming. Now I can go food shopping with ease, eat food I love while losing weight, live with ice cream and chocolate in my house (!), without the constant restriction/binge cycle. The weight is dropping slowly and I know now that my body can get to my ideal weight on my own terms. I’m am so grateful for Aoife’s kind ear and words. Aoife gets it, she’s been there herself! I can’t recommend Aoife enough.

Angie, Cork


I’ve just finished a 12 week course with Aoife. It’s a very different take on weight loss, it’s not a weight loss diet it’s about rethinking how you approach food. There were ups and downs along the way but when I got to week 9 it started to hit home. I lost interest in over eating and so far so good, the scales have started dropping. I’m back exercising and feeling very positive about things. I looked forward to Aoife’s calls every week, she offers great support, she is like a councillor. I discovered that diets don’t agree with me, however waiting to eat until im hungry does agree with me. I no longer feel like I have such big issues with food and the odd binge is allowed in life if that’s what I feel like but I’ve discovered that too many binges takes me a few days to get over so I ask myself do I really want that and is it with it. Thanks Aoife, it’s been great chatting to you and hearing you views, especially reassuring me that I’m normal! The fog has lifted after 3 years.

Teresa, Mayo


Aoife has the most sensible approach to weight loss, or rather attaining one’s “ happy” weight, whilst debunking many myths about food in the process — and it works! And unlike diets, her approach can really trigger a change of lifestyle for good, and one that feels realistic. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with weight/wellbeing issues, and who’s keen to understand how to counter emotional eating.

Olivia, London


After years of binge eating and dieting, I finally feel free. I am full of energy, and I’m eating and tasting the most delicious foods. Aoife you’ve been absolutely fantastic every step of the way- so encouraging, and kind, and knowledgable, and fun. Thanks for releasing me from the trap I’ve been stuck in (in my own head). I’m learning to be nice to myself and I’m enjoying every aspect of life. I’m much nicer to be around. I feel a million times better. My clothes are loose. I am eating whatever I want. Life is good! Woohoo! Can I give you 13 out of 10? 😂

Eve, Cork


Worked with Aoife for a couple of months and couldn’t sing her praises enough. It was a totally new way of approaching food centred on eating only when hungry and listening to what your body wants rather than focusing on calories, food type or other traditional diet advice. Have never been more confident with my food choices and getting more pleasure from eating what I want, when I want but also losing weight as a result.

Stephen, Cork


I worked with Aoife for over 3 months and I cannot say enough positive things about her and her work. I have always had a tumultuous relationship with food and eating and diets and I thought that was to be my life. But working with Aoife I worked through my behaviours from every angle and I can gladly say I am well on my way to overcoming the focus on diet culture and diet mentality controlling my life. I can’t but say that Aoife has changed my life and more importantly given me back my life! She has such and engaging and pleasant way of working, I felt I was in safe place all the time, no matter what was going on. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Bróna, Leinster


Aoife has really changed my outlook on food and how I view myself. She has been so good helping me appreciate my body and to learn that it is not against me. She has shown that you don’t have to restrict your eating to lose weight you just have to listen to your body. I can’t thank her enough for all the help she has given me.

Anna, Cork


What an amazing experience! Couldn’t recommend Aoife enough. Completely changed my mentality towards food so I can now enjoy any food I want with no guilt! Aoife is so supportive and kept me motivated through the 12 weeks and beyond it.

Jo, Cork


I am just coming to the end of the 12 week Happy Weight programme with Aoife Deane, and I could not be happier with Aoife or the programme. To sum it up, let’s just say yesterday I ate half a takeaway and one biscuit. I enjoyed every bite and when I was full I stopped. I didn’t feel fear or guilt while eating, and it was easy to stop when I was comfortably full. If you’ve never struggled with food or weight, this may seem like no big deal, but if you’re like me, you know this is HUGE. After decades of trying to control my eating and weight, I can honestly say Aoife’s Happy Weight programme is truly new and different to anything I had come across. Thanks to Aoife’s innovative and inspiring approach, I am learning to really trust my body’s hunger and satiety cues, to enjoy food and to care for my body out of love rather than fear. Aoife herself is highly professional and knowledgeable but also very down-to-earth and a joy to work with. I could not recommend Aoife and her programme highly enough.

Mags, Cork


I heard about Aoife and her program from a friend of mine and immediately got curious. I had gained weight in the past few years without even noticing and I felt I was not feeling fine with my body and above all with food itself. I tended to overeat only because of boredom, for habit or because I thought I really needed that “pick me up” food. Needless to say, I could not even enjoy the taste of what I was eating. I have started this journey with my boyfriend, who also had a similar experience, and it has been the best decision we could have made. Aoife supported us with a plan that could help us both and gave wonderful personalised tips to help us to change our eating habits. It did not feel like a diet, made of deprivation and renounce, of relentlessly weighting food and feeling miserable. During this journey, we saw a terrific change and not only with that number on the scale dropping every week (a great bonus nevertheless) but with our relationship with food itself! We managed to build a new mindful way to eat, enjoying food taste and listening to what the body actually need. All this with a very helpful and positive attitude! I cannot recommend Aoife enough!🙂

Eleonora, Cork


I can’t give 6 stars out of 5 which is a technicality of Google and not me.

The method and approach to food that Aoife proposes shows you the core reason why you could never lose weight permanently before. She is the most competent and supportive professional I have met in decades of battling with weight excess and for the first time I have lost weight without realising I was dieting. I don’t want to have my life back of dieting, I have got a better one and I don’t miss the “previous” one as it wasn’t as happy as the one I have achieved and she let me achieve.

I was simply changing my relationship with food with no consistent sacrifices worth called this, it is unbelievable how easy it works if your mind is there. And if it is not, you can rely on Aoife’s support, which not only makes it feel like it’s possible, she empowers you to make it happen.

If you are looking for a great and for good change in the way you see food and food makes you feel, this is the only website you should be looking at, go for it!

Diana, Cork


Thanks to Aoife I am now a much happier and more energetic person. My attitude to food has completely changed. Aoife is a true and enthusiastic professional who I can recommend without hesitation.

Neil, 67, Cork


To anyone who has issues with weight and understand why they have gained it in the first place I recommend this program without hesitation. Aoife helped me understand my mind set around food and my eating habits. I’ve stopped dieting and have become more aware of my body and when it needs food. I continue to lose weight and eat mindfully and enjoy every meal. Aoife is so supportive and understanding and is always available to talk when you need support and advice. This program is an investment in your health! Go for it! You won’t regret it!

Margaret, 53, Cork


I have just finished the three month plan with Aoife and thoroughly enjoyed it and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. It suited me perfectly as the approach is a common sense, practical one and helps change the way we view food and our relationship with it. It also helps to teach the skills going forward on eating healthily as it’s not a magic diet with a start, middle and end to the body beautiful perfect you. Aoife’s approach is to help you change the way you view food, listen to your body and your appetite and be healthy and happy. On a personal level, Aoife is a lovely lady as she warm, approachable, non-judgmental, supportive, practical and very kind.

Jerry, 50, Cork


I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Aoife Deane to help anyone reach their lifelong weight management goals and achieve their ideal body size and weight. Having been unhappy with my eating habits and weight, body shape and self-confidence since my childhood, for as long as I can remember, I have always struggled to maintain a healthy weight and was a huge self-critic. I had tried and tried on several occasions to diet, all with short term results, no long term sustained behavioural and weight change. I realised eventually that I was an emotional eater, and, was deeply unhappy with my body image and the health risks of my weight. Short term will power and curtailing foods/restricting calories was not going to work. Here’s where Aoife was superb- she recommended practical and delicious foods, encouraging me to savour and enjoy the foods I eat again and listen to my body- stop confusing anger, hurt, emotion, tiredness, fatigue, frustration with hunger, and eat regularly, delicious healthy natural foods. And it worked, weekly progress followed, changes in mind set became habit, willpower wasn’t necessary, and I reached beyond my first target, my second target, my third target, even reaching a weight I thought I would never see again. I would highly recommend, if like me, you have always been unhappy with your weight, trapped inside your body, looking to be free, then work with Aoife.

Ronan, 40, Cork


I have just completed the Happy Weight programme with Aoife, and I am delighted with the results. Rather than this being a diet programme and approaching weight loss with a restrictive attitude towards food, this programme celebrates the idea of enjoying all foods and gives you the advice you need to achieve the weight loss you desire. Unlike other plans – the weight loss is long term and becomes a way of life.

Aoife’s one to one support has been invaluable and makes all the difference in the journey to weight loss. There is no judgement – just support –  and I would recommend this programme to anyone struggling to achieve their desired results.

Edel, 37, Cork


I am not great at writing testimonials but I really found Aoife so helpful and have managed to stay close enough to my weight goal and it’s been nearly a year since I completed the programme. Also, now I know what to do when it occasionally creeps up again.

I can’t thank Aoife enough for all her support. I’ve learned to listen to my body and to treat food as food, not as a scary thing or a comfort. It is amazing what you can learn about yourself with the right guidance. I have lost weight in a better and more sustainable way than ever before.

Hazel, 39, Cork


I was having a difficult relationship with food when I got to the age of 17. As I started to notice that my figure was a bit oversized than my friends. Eating less, not eating or emotionally eating excessively at one time became the bad cycle of my diet. Not until I was diagnosed IBS at the age of 20, I wasn’t realized that I had problem with my anxiety and food that I ate. What initialing me starting the eight-week program with Aoife for weight loss was that I was sick most of the time no matter what I ate in a day and I gained around 20 pounds in 2 years without touching any so- called unhealthy food. I was worried about my health and the doctor directed me to seek advice from dietitians. So, I contacted Aoife for the first appointment. In the first meeting, Aoife asked me question about what I would like to achieve from the program and then she explained the food plan as a guideline for reaching my goal in the program. It was not easy at the beginning. Because when I lost 4 pounds in the first week, then fear of gaining back all those weights attacked me. I ate an ice-cream in the following Sunday, I soon generated a great sense of guilt. I talked about all those feelings and behaviors with Aoife. She showed great understanding of the situation that I was in and being so supportive providing scientific evidence on eating to loss and emotional support to calm down my anxiety. There were two appointments per week for check-up. When I got a bit resistant to continue with the program, she could be so inspirational and encouraging to talk me through tactics to work out my fear, my worry and my weak self-control ability. That was how I completed the program and lost 8 pounds in eight weeks. She is a real master on weight loss and food. She helped me get through my eating disorder problem and decrease my IBS symptoms. I gradually built up my confidence to control my diet, subsequently my weight. I was so happy and grateful having the program with Aoife and achieved those outcomes. Now I am continuing the diet plan even through the program finished. I highly recommend Aoife with her weight loss program if you have the similar issue and expect to make changes on your eating habit. It is never too late to start. As myself proved that making the first appointment is half way to success. Aoife will assist you in the remaining journey to your destination.

8 months later when I looked back at the time of our meetings, I am still grateful that I contacted Aoife. As she did provide me encouragement for loving myself and knowledge on how my body work with food. It’s precious. Now I eat whatever I want and I maintain my weight. 😊

Selena, 25, Cork (& China)


It was a great experience to work with Aoife. I was looking for some inspiration to restructure my food habit and make it more varied and healthy, and I found in Aoife’s mindset the right solution for me.

I didn’t want to follow a diet, with specific quantities and restraints, as I am a food lover, but I was getting extremely bored of what I was used to eat.

When I first contacted Aoife, she set up a call to better understand my needs and my habits, in order to have the mindset ready for our first appointment. After that it was all easy. I managed to lose weight without giving up on what I like and she was following my progresses on a regular basis.

It was a real pleasure to work with her.

Sara, 32, Cork


Before I made the decision to work with Aoife, I had attempted to lose weight many, many times. With each fad diet that I tried, I had never dealt with my negative relationship with food. Over the years, I developed a very unhealthy approach to food, my weight and how I saw myself. However, once I began to work with Aoife, things finally changed for the better! Aoife supported me throughout the whole process, she taught me about what food my body needed and she worked on building up my confidence again. I found the hypnosis very relaxing. I always felt better after each appointment. In the language of weight loss, not only did I lose weight, I lost my negative attitude to food, but more importantly I gained a happy and healthy relationship with myself. Aoife’s positivity is infectious, she is incredibly motivating and I could not recommend her highly enough!

Caoimhe, 31, Cork


When I first contacted Aoife, I was at my heaviest weight ever. This was as a result of continuous mindless eating over many years. The problem was I had neither the motivation nor the want to do anything about it and yet it was impacting every area of my life, particularly my energy and self-esteem.

When I first met Aoife, my biggest worry was would I commit to the program or would I be wasting my time and money on another failed effort. But I instantly clicked with her as she has such a nice manner and is in no way judgmental.

Aoife educates you about food, helps you understand why we eat like we do and how you get control back over food, particularly mindless eating. Her program is not complicated and I ended up eating foods that I previously thought I couldn’t and now I can eat loads of because they’re healthy!

Her program is about nutrition and feeding your body the right foods so that you remain healthy. After a week, I could feel my energy levels rise and my skin and hair improve.

I liked the fact that there was no counting of calories or points or checking how many “sins” I could have in a day, I would have no patience for that. I never once felt like I was on a “diet” . Also, my mindset has changed in that if I decide to have a treat or two, it’s not the end of the world, just carry on again as before

I would highly recommend Aoife to anyone looking to get help. I am delighted I went down the road of getting a qualified dietician to get this help.

M.D, 46, Cork


I had been struggling with weight for years.

Over 8 weeks Aoife gave me the road map and guided me along the way. Her dietary advice was tailored to me and made scientific sense. My consultations with her were very detailed and she was very attentive empathetic and motivating.

There are called ‘diet experts’ out there giving   confusing and conflicting advice.  It’s very reassuring to meet Aoife, who has a degree in dietetics and completing a masters, therefore a professional very qualified in weight management. I now have the formula and confidence to lose the last kgs.

Sinéad, 62, Bishopstown


I worked with Aoife for 4 months. My sessions with Aoife were nothing like I had expected or planned for; however, the conversations were everything I needed.

Like many people, weight is my Achilles, a very central issue of disappointment and regret that was really draining me. Aoife really helped me to put weight/food/diet in perspective, and to become hopeful, motivated and energised again – even excited! Aoife is very skilled & experienced, highly trained, and shows great compassion and empathy.

Aoife speaks with rock solid sense. Every session and phone call gives education, advice and support. If you are feeling pretty lost & hopeless, not knowing how to tackle your weight, I would recommend picking up the phone to talk to Aoife. You’ll lose weight, but you’ll also being to see your weight & food differently.

Niamh, 42, Cork

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