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Slow metabolism & why I couldn’t lose weight :(

There’s a parrell universe where I am still 2-3 stone heavier, still on and off diets because my mind is still blaming these things.
It is a horrible cycle to be in.
What helped me out of it was it dawned on me that even if every person in the world has a better metabolism than me, it doesn’t matter, because I don’t have their body and I never will.
Same with any medical conditions we have, family history or meds. We have what we have and it’s up to us to harness it and make the best of it, or throw our toys out of the pram, saying it’s all unfair. When it comes to emotional eating usually throwing our toys out of the pram and saying it’s all unfair results in us eating more and gaining more weight

At a certain point you have to decide ” Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?”

Because if you want to be right : that your metabolism is slow and you can’t lose weight, then there’s no fear of you. I’m sure just like me, you’ll have friends who will listen as you explain all the reasons why weight loss is harder for you. If you discuss it with a doctor or consultant they might also agree with you that yes your metabolism is slow or a condition or medication will make it harder for you to lose weight. Even though it was nice to be validated, it didn’t take long after those chats, where it was agreed weight loss was hard or impossible, I’d still boomerang right back to wanting to lose weight soon after!

As Esther and Abraham Hicks say we need to stop arguing for our limitations!
If you don’t want to have excess weight, why keep building the case that you are destined to have excess weight! 95% of our behaviours are made by our subconcious mind.
That means if you believe weight loss is hard for you, then 95% of the time you will be behaving in ways that sustain your weight problem.

Your first step in becoming your ideal weight is taking ownership that YOU are the only one that put the excess weight on your body.
This is not about blaming ourselves it’s about being compassionate. That yes we were doing our best and our best at the time was eating more than our body could manage. And from here we can start to tweak that by firstly identifying when we were not helping our body : Remembering all the nights we went to bed full or even full and sick. All the dinners we sat down to eat when we weren’t remotely hungry. All the foods that weren’t tasting great but “we might as well finish it”. All the things that we kept eating when our stomach was already full (overeating) because we said I’ll be good tomorrow.

Step 2 is realising that maybe all this time your body has been trying to HELP you lose weight.
That’s why when we’ve overeaten or gone past our natural weight, even our FAVOURITE foods start tasting a bit meh and it becomes harder to get enjoyment out of food😞 This is our body desensitising our taste buds to discourage us from eating when we don’t need it.
Maybe that’s why we feel tired and unwell at this weight – our body shouting “You’re not built for this!”
Maybe that’s why we get bloating, gastric reflux or IBS issues when we never had them before. Our body shouting “I cant handle this level of eating 🥵”

It’s time to own up that our body WAS telling us when we didn’t need more food, but our negative thoughts & fear made us override what our stomach was telling us. This is good news! When we admit we are 100% the cause, then we can become 100% the cure 😎

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Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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