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Under-eating & Under weight

If you or someone you know is affected by undereating, anorexia or underweight issues

* My advice and consultations cannot replace close monitoring by a GP or replace the advice given while under the care of hospital based dietitians.

As a registered dietitian with 15 years experience specialising in eating and weight issues, I can help you or someone you know who is struggling to eat more and gain weight.

Under -eating in teens & adults

Body image issues, low confidence and low self esteem are very common amongst teenagers.  I developed eating and weight issues at the age of 11 therefore I am very passionate about helping teenagers recover as quickly as possible and return to a better teenage life. 

Depending on you or your child’s weight you will need to be working with your GP too. This is to make sure we avoid any risks of developing refeeding syndrome and they have an up to date record of weight should admission to hospital be needed. 

I also help adults who are underweight or are under -eating. 

Treating underweight clients

As a registered dietitian I will be promoting all foods, their benefits to your health, mental health and social health. I will be adapting their food plan to increase adherence. However it should be noted that eating even though you don’t always feel like it is an integral part of recovery. 

I use aspects of my training in mind coaching and hypnotherapy to increase my clients motivation to stick to their food plan and get better. 

Working with their emotions, feelings and thoughts can increase their relationship with themselves, their body giving them the reason to recover. 


Programme and payment

Consultation structure

I see every client for 1-1.5 hours initially. €120

Follow ups are €80-€100/ 45- 1hr


You can pay by bank transfer or Revolut. I don’t have a credit card machine. I can take cash at in person appointments. 

Check your health insurance policy to see if you have cover for consultations with registered dietitians. I am registered dietitian with INDI and CORU. You may be able to claim back some or all of the costs.

Times & Location

I work Monday to Friday 9-5pm

For issues relating to under- eating I would rather see clients in person at my office at 6 Camden Place, Cork City. 

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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