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Under-eating & Under weight

If you or someone you know is affected by undereating, anorexia or underweight issues

* My advice and consultations cannot replace close monitoring by a GP or replace the advice given while under the care of hospital based dietitians.

As a registered dietitian with 15 years experience dealing with weight issues, I can help you or someone you know who is struggling with under eating and weight loss.

Excessive fear of being overweight and body obsession can lead to very restrictive eating causing rapid and unhealthy weight loss. This is exceptionally difficult for the individual and their family members. 

Please contact me if you or someone you know needs help improving their relationship with food and weight. 

Under -eating in teens & adults

Most of the clients I have dealt with under eating and underweight issues are teens.

Teenage years can be extremely challenging. Personally I developed my issues at the age of 11 and developed binge eating disorder around the age of 14. I have huge compassion and understanding for my teenage patients. 

It is very important to catch restrictive eating and dropping weight as soon as you notice it starting. 

The earlier it is caught the easier it is to fix. I am happy to see clients as a one off appointment to review their diet and mindset around food if you have any issues or concerns. 

If you have concerns your GP is always the first person to contact. If a teen gets to an unhealthy BMI they would need closer supervision by healthcare teams in a hospital.

Food and weight issues stem from low confidence and low self esteem. My qualifications as a clinical hypnotherapist means that I can help patients retrain how they are thinking so they can realise they deserve to eat a balanced and sufficient diet. 

Email me here to set up a call to discuss further

Treating underweight clients

Under eating can create long term issues with our health.

For teenagers it can have a lasting impact on their fertility and for girls their ability to conceive or breast feed when older.

Adults who under- eat are leaving themselves more vulnerable to issues such as osteoporosis.

We need to be able to eat in a free and fun way with the people we love. So much of our social connections happen around food. As people restrict foods they can start isolating themselves. There are many reasons physically and mentally why our eating and our overall mental health are interlinked. 

Programme and payment

Consultation structure

When I am working with under-eaters and especially teens, it is vital that a bespoke programme is offered.

Teens especially can have a shorter attention span than adults so can benefit from shorter appointments more often.

Initial appointments are €100 for an hour. Follow up appointments are €80.

During that time I will discuss all the requirements of a healthy diet as well as discussing the current challenges the patient is facing, which can be a mix of emotional issues and issues with individual foods or meals.

The client or the clients family will keep a food diary between sessions.

Frequency of using weighing scales will be discussed during sessions.

Every client has a different set of challenges and fears when it comes to eating and weight. My job will be to settle these fears and re educate them about weight, their body’s needs and certain foods. The aim will be to reduce and hopefully remove fear and misconceptions around certain foods so that they can reintroduce them into their diet. The aim is to achieve a healthy weight with a BMI approx 19-25 kg/m2 and a better relationship with food. 


You can pay by bank transfer or Revolut. I don’t have a credit card machine. I can take cash at in person appointments. 

Check your health insurance policy. I am registered with INDI and CORU. You may be able to claim back some or all of the costs.

Times & Location

I work Monday to Friday 9-5pm

I would rather see clients, especially for the first meeting, in person at my office at 6 Camden Place, Cork City. 

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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