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The Happy Weight Programme

I work with clients 1-1 for 8 weeks or 12 weeks to overhaul how they eat and approach food. Lose weight and feel better!

Change how you think about food

Unlearn all the misinformation that has got you to this point:  At a weight you don’t want to be and with a bad relationship with food

Immersive diet & health programme

My 8 or 12 week programme is designed to completely reeducate you about food, eating, weight and health. Not just re-educate you, but redevelop your habits and choices around food and how you manage or take care of your body. The reason my main programme is 12 weeks long is because information does not cause people to change, it is your implementation of this information. Ingrained new mindsets, ingrained new coping strategies & becoming totally used to choosing foods that allow you to feel better and allow your body to finally reach it’s potential. 

The programme consists of an initial 1.5 hour meeting followed by 2 consultations of fully tailored coaching & support for the remainder of the programme. Yes – I will be onto you a lot 🙂

During our first meeting I have SO much I want to go through with you : Nutrition, Physiology & Appetite, Connected Eating & last but not least adopting the correct mindset for life long results. This will all be contained in your (35 page) Happy Weight folder, for you to keep. 

Following the initial meeting we will have 2 calls or a call and visit per week. In person meetings will take place in my Cork office.  

During the programme you will be keeping a food journal – and you will be rating every food you eat based on a few scores (-Don’t worry this will all be made VERY clear during our initial session)

You won’t need to send the food diary to me, it is a shared document we can both access anytime.

You will also have life long access to the member’s area. Your happy weight member’s area is filled with hypnotherapy recordings and worksheets to help you remove any blocks to becoming your happy weight. Continue to work on your success mindset for being and staying a lighter weight in between sessions and after the programme ends. 

I work in a very holistic way – your sleep, stress levels, alcohol intake, self care, physical fitness, screen time and other contributing factors to your weight will also be discussed. I will be supporting you with improving these aspects of your life to in order to make letting go of weight much, much easier. 

The only difference between the 8 and 12 week programme is 4 weeks of coaching the approach is the same. If you have struggled with weight problems and diets for a long time, I would recommend that if you do choose the 8 week programme (or the 12 week programme) that you give yourself the option of having check ins every so often once the programme ends (45min check ups €80).

You might be a disordered eater


If you answer yes to the questions below, chances are you have disordered eating caused by years of dieting and weight problems. These negative symptoms seriously impact & reduce your ability to lose weight. I will be helping you to let go of them and develop new habits & ways of looking at things instead. 

  • Do you feel guilty or ashamed about eating? Are you frightened of putting on weight, or do you check your weight all the time?
  • Do you worry all the time about your weight or body shape or about what you’re eating?
  • Do you exercise all the time to work off what you eat?
  • Do you think about food all the time?
  • Are you very critical of yourself? Do you think you could do things better, such as losing more weight or exercising more?
  • Do you eat when you feel depressed or down about yourself?
  • You might often diet and be very concerned with your body weight, shape or size
  • You may think that your body is bigger than it really is. Maybe you even wonder if you have an obsession with food.
  • Maybe you have low self-esteem or very little confidence about your looks or personality. You could feel depressed or lonely and have mood swings.
  • You think that being slim will solve all your problems and are frightened of putting on weight
  • You might have problems speaking about your feelings and worries


Change how you see losing weight

“A big thank you to Aoife for transforming how I think about food. It’s a crazy scenario to say that I am enjoying food more than I ever did, I’m eating tastier food, I’m not feeling guilty after meals or snacks – and I am back to my ‘ideal’ weight! It feels too good to be true.– I’m happy that I didn’t start another Monday morning diet, and that I found someone who has truly changed my relationship with food! It has been life changing!” – Norma, Cork


Programme and payment



12 week programme €1,500 

8 week programme €1,200

  • Bespoke Happy Weight Manual & Consultation – 1.5 (first session)
  • Two consultations per week for 12 weeks 
  • Monitored online food diary with feedback
  • Access to the library of hypnotherapy and guided meditation recordings

During our initial consultation of 1.5 hours I will be going through a lot of information to help you change your mindset as well as very practical, clear information on how to chose your food, amounts and timings. You will have a specific happy weight food tracker to track your food and physical cues. 

Each week we will have 2 calls. Calls are usually a mix of video calls and normal calls depending on your preference, from Jan 2023 I will be in person in my Cork City office. 

Usually, our appointments will be on a Monday or Tuesday and again on a Thursday or Friday. During these calls or visits we will be going over your food journal and discussing any challenges you faced or will be facing in upcoming days. It is during these calls I will be helping you with your mindset and approaching things differently. I see it as an immersion learning course as it is 2 calls weeks with a very new approach. You will also have your Happy Weight Folder and access to The Happy Weight Members section of this website full of supportive resources and recordings. 

What else does the programme include?

Life-long access to the member’s area of my website includes ongoing support through mindset activity sheets and hypnotherapy recordings. Hence, you have additional support between our calls and after the programme.

Lifelong access to Happy Weight members events and webinars.

Lifelong discount on all programmes and courses on my website.



The programme can be paid in full in advance or in instalments.

€600 to begin, €600 at week 4, (€300 at week 8 for the 12 week Programme)

If you have health insurance, you may be able to claim back some or all of the costs as I am a registered dietitian with a CORU and INDI registration.

Sometimes people think the programme is expensive before they join up.

People do not say that when they finish! You will see the amount of time & effort & resources I will be giving you for your unique experience and results on the programme. 

We spend money on holidays year after year that we feel miserable on because of our weight. We line the pockets of chocolate & processed food manufacturers & take aways every week, all because they tell us this is “treating ourselves” and “be good to ourselves”, but is it?? How good do we actually feel after buying and eating all of their stuff? How good do we actually feel going up another size & feeling the extra kgs when we move or walk?Whether it with this programme or another, I believe it is wise to contribute and invest in YOUR goals, not what someone else tells you is a treat or a luxury. What do YOU want for your life, how do YOU want to feel on a day to day basis, what kind of shape do YOU want to be in. Does how you spend your time and money daily reflect those desires?  

Follow up

Post programme follow up is recommended. Even 1 x 45 min session per month or every few months can help you keep up your new mindset and results.  5 hours of consultation time is €500. 5 hours is usually broken up into 30min or 45min sessions. 

Email now & start becoming your happy weight!

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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