The Happy Weight Programme

I coach people who are serious about ending the misery that is dieting and gaining excess weight.

Happy Weight Programme

I coach and educate clients who have struggled with weight for a long time. Years of dieting can result in feeling like a failure, always feeling guilty after eating, feeling low energy and low confidence and can make you the highest weight you have ever been. I have been there & would love to help you if that is where you are

Weight Loss Special Programme - Nutritionist Ireland

12 Week Happy Weight

I coach my clients, twice per week, every week for 12 weeks.

Having a weight problem feels complicated when you are in it but to a specialist, it is not. In reality, every weight problem comes down to just a handful of negative thought patterns, leading to negative moods, leading to negative, sabotaging choices. Weight is not down to luck or your metabolism. When you see someone that seems to eat whatever they want and not gain weight, it is because of their relationship with food & their body. I train people to eat only what they love. No seriously, anything they love,  while letting go of the old excess weight they no longer need.

This is not a rapid weight loss programme

This is not a diet.

This is not about doing the same thing you have done since you were … age.

You will see the results my clients achieve on the Testimonials page

I work with clients with a varying range of starting-off points and therefore varying endpoints.

For some people letting go of the dieting cycle and the “I”m going to be really good tomorrow” attitude that causes excess weight can be easier said than done if you have been doing it for decades.

But that is why I am here. To help you to see things very differently and therefore do things very differently so you can get better results mentally & physically.

My main aim is to help you achieve permanent change, to your mindset, behaviours and therefore weight, long after our programme ends.

Sometimes people are overly anxious, obsessed and panicky about their rate of weight loss, they tend to not be good candidates for the programme, as their panic gets in the way of change.

What I have noticed is the clients who are focused on following my advice & guidance lose the most weight, more weight than I or them would have expected. They are so surprised because there was no actual diet involved.

Initial 90minute food and mind-set consultation with bespoke folder of resources.

  • This will help you understand the reasons why you have not successfully been able to lose weight and keep it off long term. It will be an education on how different foods interact with your body, effecting your appetite, cravings and eating behaviours.

Following on from the initial consultation we will have a consultation every week for the programme and a second check in call if needed.

  • The focus of the programme is to change your behaviour. Eating less than you used without using willpower. Many of my clients have spent their whole lives dieting, so this 12-week period of support is important to implement change throughout all that can go in a 12 week period of your life.

You will be keeping an online food diary, which we will review together on every call. Ensuring the new principles are being implemented.

  • You will have access to the member’s section of this website. This includes guided meditation and hypnosis recordings which I recommend listening to every day.

My typical and ideal client is someone like (I used to be):

  • Tried every diet or always on a diet
  • Anxious most of the time about their weight and weight loss
  • Erratic behaviours with food: dieting and then breaking out
  • Always aiming for the “perfect” day, then being disappointed and guilty it didn’t happen. Then planning that tomorrow will be even more “perfect”.
  • Feels guilty after eating
  • Feels ashamed of their weight
  • Sometimes binge eats or secret eats
  • Believes there are good and bad foods
  • Believes they’ve a slow metabolism, can’t lose weight due to their age, body, genetics etc
  • No longer enjoying food, either on diet food or binge food.
  • Feels lost with food, weight loss. Running out of or has no motivation.

When you have many of these symptoms you think its normal. But they are actually the symptoms of an eating disorder. These symptoms are what are blocking you from having a normal, balanced, flexible approach to your eating which will help your weight.

All of my clients are overweight because they have spent most of their life dieting.

And you can’t cure a problem by doing the same thing that caused it. I will be showing you how to eat – the behaviours, choices & mindset of those people (you may know) who manage to stay a healthy weight but don’t diet.

By not overeating, binging, or doing all the unhelpful, unhappy, uncomfortable things we do to sustain a weight problem, we can finally lose that weight.

It takes a certain attitude and way of thinking as well as knowing what foods to choose for you in order to get and sustain a healthy weight and I will be showing you how.

This programme is a start as you mean to go on approach.

Joy is in the journey approach. How I will be coaching you to eat during the programme is exactly how you can continue long term. Because (as you will see from the testimonials page) this is a very enjoyable, unique way of eating for you and your body it is much easier to sustain.

The price initially for some might seem high but consider there will be 1.5hour initial consultation and approx 1+ hours per week of support, plus additional resources. When you factor these in as well as my qualifications and experience, you could end up spending the same with diet books, recipe books, slimming clubs, subscriptions and cheaper consultations that lead to nothing.

Weight and food is something that is on some peoples minds all day everyday, causing a lot of stress, anxiety and even depression. Getting support with this if you feel like that is imperative, whether it is from me or someone else, improving your relationship with food and yourself is an investment in feeling better every single day. You will see from the testimonials section, this has been my clients experience. People might spend this on a holiday, but your relationship with food, good or bad, is going to be every day of you life.

Our programme will be by video call and phone call for the 12 weeks.

My in-person session will resume in my West Cork office which will be opening in Summer 2022 (if not before it).

The 12 week programme is €1,500

People usually choose to pay in instalments €500 to confirm programme, €500 at week 4. €500 at week 8.

Check you health insurance policy to see if you have some cover for sessions with a CORU, INDI registered dietitian.

The Aim is That As Well As Losing Weight You Gain:

  • A real love for all foods.

  • A new zest for life as you no longer obsess about your weight or feel guilty after eating.

  • A relationship with food that allows for eating out, a social life, holidays & Christmas.

  • A confidence within yourself knowing you’re taking proper care of yourself, your health and are the weight you always knew you were meant to be.

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The Aim is That As Well As Losing Weight You Gain:

  • Actually look forward to, love and enjoy food!

  • Know when and what to eat and why

  • Feel positive about your body as it is and as it changes

  • Enjoy experiences like eating out & getting takeaways. Explore and be part of modern food culture 🙂

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