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The Happy Weight Programme

My goal is to help you transform your way of eating so you lose weight.

Become that person who eats whatever they want but is not overweight.

Are you a disordered eater?

  • Feel good after eating rather than guilty
  • Stop thinking and obsessing about your weight and what you should eat
  • Start being kinder to yourself 
  • Stop sabotaging or waiting for Monday to change things
  • Regulate your moods and bad days without overeating
  • Build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Stop waiting to be slim before you can be happy, confident and eat better. Learn how to be happier and more confident so you eat better and become slim.

Here is what you get with the programme:


Lose weight while being normal, eating with your family and friends


Have freedom from obsessing about your weight and calories


Learn how to eat all foods without guilt and without overeating 


Overcome the triggers that lead you to bad choices and overeating


Learn evidence based dietary information from a Registered Dietitian with an MSc in Nutritional Medicine


Have tailored support: two check ins per week plus online access to a Member’s Support Area.

“I have spent 30 years (from age 10 to 40) having such an unhealthy and negative relationship with food and I can honestly say that now thanks to Aoife I do not. I feel a sense of freedom to be able to enjoy food that I love without guilt and I’m losing weight. I don’t spend time hating my body or myself anymore and it feels amazing. I would highly recommend Aoife. 5 stars “ Christine, Cork

Visit me at my new office at 6 Camden Place, Cork City.

Programme and Prices


  • Firstly we have an initial free consultation by phone so I can hear about your history with eating and weight problems and see if the programme is suitable for you.
  • Starting the programme we will have an Initial consultation 1.5 hours in my office or by zoom. This gives very clear guidance on the mindset and approach needed to become and stay slim. This delivers key information about your body, your appetite, metabolism and nutrition, that most people and diets overlook. By the end of this meeting you will have a clear understanding of exactly how to choose foods. But you will not be given a diet or food plan. Most clients leave this meeting very inspired and ready to go!
  • We then have two check in calls per week for the duration of the programme. These can be in person, by video call or phone call. I will be giving you tools to overcome the weekly obstacles and emotional challenges you face when trying to improve your eating.
  • Monitored online food diary that we will discussing on every call.
  • Life time access to the online Happy Weight Members section – full of hypnotherapy recordings and other resources to improve and maintain your new behaviours. 
  • Although clients who follow the programme can and do lose weight quickly, the focus is always about about permanent, ongoing behaviours and results that continue long after the programme, not the weight on the scales. Emotional management will be a key part of the programme, as without that, a better relationship with food that results in weight loss is unlikely. 
  • You can also expect your body image to improve, guilt after eating to vanish, reduction in grazing, binging or overeating, less obsession and thinking about food, calories and weight loss, 


12 week programme €1,800 – paid in 3 instalments, €600 to start, then €600 at week 4 and €600 at week 8.

8 week programme €1,200 (same programme just 4 weeks shorter. For people who require less support)

If you have health insurance with Laya, VHI, Irish Life or any of the top healthcare providers you might be entitled to 75% back on all fees. (meaning you might receive €450 back on every €600 instalment)

Follow up

Follow-up appointments post programmes are €80 per 45 minutes. 

Here is what my clients say : testimonials

Email me now to find out more information or to arrange a free enquiry call. 

“I’ve had a great experience with Aoife and could not recommend her highly enough. I found the plan really good for me and excellent from a value for money point of view. The plan wasn’t your usual don’t eat this, don’t eat that. I found that really refreshing to be honest . Thanks Aoife.” – Barry, West Cork

“A big thank you to Aoife for transforming how I think about food. It’s a crazy scenario to say that I am enjoying food more than I ever did, I’m eating tastier food, I’m not feeling guilty after meals or snacks – and I am back to my ‘ideal’ weight! It has been life changing!” – Norma, Cork


Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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