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The Happy Weight Programme

I work with clients 1-1 for 8 weeks or 12 weeks to overhaul how they eat and approach food. Lose weight and feel better!

Develop an excellent relationship with all foods & become your ideal weight

I will help you stop dieting & stop overeating.

Develop a great relationship with food and eating, so you can become your ideal weight

Are you a disordered eater?


  • Do you feel guilty or ashamed about eating? Are you frightened of putting on weight, or do you check your weight all the time?
  • Do you worry all the time about your weight or body shape or about what you’re eating?
  • Do you exercise all the time to work off what you eat?
  • Do you think about food all the time?
  • Are you very critical of yourself? Do you think you could do things better, such as losing more weight or exercising more?
  • Do you eat when you feel depressed or down about yourself?
  • You might often diet and be very concerned with your body weight, shape or size
  • You may think that your body is bigger than it really is. Maybe you even wonder if you have an obsession with food.
  • Maybe you have low self-esteem or very little confidence about your looks or personality. You could feel depressed or lonely and have mood swings.
  • You think that being slim will solve all your problems and are frightened of putting on weight
  • You might have problems speaking about your feelings and worries
The above are symptoms of eating and weight issues. They will have to be resolved in order to permanently let go of weight. 


How the programme works

Our first meeting will be 90minutes, preferably in my office and if not by video call.

During this first meeting I have so much I want to cover with you with regards eating behaviours, nutrition, listening to your body, building a positive and successful mindset, self hypnosis. This will all be contained in your (40 page) Happy Weight folder. 

This meeting alone, really changes people’s outlook. It will make things clear for you, as to why you have not been able to lose weight while giving you the hope and strategies to start. Clients leave this meeting very inspired, very hopeful and clear on what they are doing. 

Following this we will have 2 coaching calls per week lasting between 30-45minutes. You are welcome to do some sessions in person at my office.

During the programme you will be keeping a food journal – and you will be rating every food you eat based on a few scores (-Don’t worry this will all be made VERY clear during our initial session)

On our coaching calls I will be helping you overcome any struggles you have in changing your eating while giving you helpful advice to navigate your week or weekend to come. 

Low mood can be a large component of why people struggle to eat well, so as well as speaking about food we will likely be speaking about your moods and lifestyle too. 

You will also have life long access to the member’s area. Your happy weight member’s area is filled with hypnotherapy recordings and worksheets to help you remove any blocks to becoming your happy weight. Continue to work on your success mindset for being and staying a lighter weight in between sessions and after the programme ends. 

I work in a very holistic way – your sleep, stress levels, alcohol intake, self care, physical fitness, relationships will have to be discussed if they affect your mood. Most people are overweight due to emotional eating, so making sure you run your day and life in a smooth way that makes you happy is vital to letting go of weight. Email me here

Improve your relationship with food

I specialise in helping people get an excellent relationship with all foods, let go of restrictive diet habits AND let go of their excess weight. 

The reason I’m passionate about this is because of my own struggles. I started dieting at the age of 11.  I followed weight watchers points, read slimming magazines, did Atkins, the cabbage soup diet, the 3 day diet, you name it. I also studied nutrition and dietetics in college. The more I learned the worse I got. At my lowest I had binge eating disorder, bulimia and was 3 stone heavier.

My programme has a different focus.

Most people focus on dieting and losing weight.  They spend their entire lives dieting, losing weight, gaining it all back on (and more), dieting and the cycle continues. My programme has a different focus.  You will become very used to saying, thinking and feeling  “stronger, fitter, happier, lighter, healthier, excellent relationship with food”

As a registered dietitian with a Masters in Nutritional Medicine I will be re-educating you on nutrition and the most up to date research on eating and weight loss. No more fads or fashions with eating!

As a mind coach and a hypnotherapist I will be helping you increase your self esteem, self confidence and self belief. This is needed to snap us out of our dysfunctional patterns with eating and weight and allow ourselves to let go of weight.  Nutrition knowledge won’t stop you overeating, realising you deserve more, you deserve to feel good, to feel lighter, stronger and fitter will.

If you know you don’t want to diet for the rest of your life but want to become slimmer with a great relationship with food then click below for more information on my programme

I have been successfully helping clients who have the same issues I had, in a 8 or 12 week programme since 2012.

The programme will help you stop thinking like a dieter and start thinking and having a relationship with food that allows you to become slimmer, healthier and happier with a great relationship with all foods.

Email me now 


Visit me at my new office
6 Camden Place, Cork City

Programme and payment



12 week programme €1,500 (can be paid in 3 instalments, you may get costs reimbursed if you have health insurance)

8 week programme €1,000

  • Bespoke Happy Weight Manual (40 plus pages) – this will be your guide during the programme
  • Initial consultation 1.5 hours to explain the nutrition, physiology and mindset we will be using to get your results.
  • Two coaching consultations per week for duration of programme
  • Monitored online food diary
  • Life time access to the Happy Weight Members section, full of hypnotherapy recordings & worksheets to boost results.

Your sleep, stress levels, alcohol intake, self care, exercise, relationships may all have to be discussed as they affect your mood. Most of us become overweight due to emotional eating. Learning tools and approach to make our average day happier is a vital part of letting go of weight. 


If you have health insurance, you may be able to claim back some or all of the costs as I am a registered dietitian with a CORU and INDI registration. I have been operating in Ireland since 2018 therefore Irish Insurance companies are used to reimbursing my patients. It is your responsibility to check what and if you are covered by your insurance policy. Your invoices and receipts will be in a format that will be easy and straight forward to claim on, if you are insured.


When you account for the amount of consultation time & lifetime access to resources, plus feel the “life-changing” improvements, you will agree the programme is priced very fairly. I never have more appointments with a client than needed.  If and when you are up and running with new mindset and healthy behaviours, we reduce the frequency of appointments and therefore the cost. 

Follow up

A gradual ease off support is recommended : going from twice per week calls, to once per week, to every two weeks to every once per month or less. Bespoke packages and individual consultations can be purchased at the end of the programme.

Email now and start your journey to your happy weight!

Change how you see losing weight

“A big thank you to Aoife for transforming how I think about food. It’s a crazy scenario to say that I am enjoying food more than I ever did, I’m eating tastier food, I’m not feeling guilty after meals or snacks – and I am back to my ‘ideal’ weight! It feels too good to be true.– I’m happy that I didn’t start another Monday morning diet, and that I found someone who has truly changed my relationship with food! It has been life changing!” – Norma, Cork


Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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