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Weight Loss Hypnosis Course


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Change how you approach your food, your body and your weight loss while being completely relaxed.

I have devised a series of recordings for you to listen to so you can alter your mindset.

Become positive, motivated and hopeful about becoming your ideal weight.

Learn how your body and appetite work. Become a more intuitive eater. Eat like naturally slim people eat so you can let go of your excess weight.

Start thinking like a slim person

Letting go of weight has to be a positive! At every step of the journey. If it’s not it will never happen. 

If you equate weight loss with pain, pressure, failure, hard work over exercising, eating rabbit food then of course you have never been able to keep lose weight or keep weight off! Life is already hard enough without adding more pain. 

Living in diet culture and having done many diets of course you have horrible view of what it means to become slim. 

But think about it!  I bet you have a best friend, a partner or someone you know that is slim or a good weight and you KNOW they do not diet or follow rules and never have.

This is not their metabolism. This is how they view food. They don’t restrict but equally they don’t binge on foods or see them as “baaaaaad” and feel guilty if they eat nice things. 

Through these recordings you will learn exactly! how they do this and become just like them. 

Become confident about your weight loss!

After years, maybe decades of dieting and weight problems of course it is difficult to keep the faith. But if you don’t have faith or belief you dont have anything. You will always get what you expect, so negative expectations will get negative outcomes.  This programme will provide you with new found confidence and self belief. Recordings will help you believe that it is not the weirdest thing in the world to start steadily and easily letting go of excess weight and move on with your life at a lighter weight. 

Your body is not trying to make you fat! Nor is it trying to keep you fat! But after too many diets or years of problems you might believe it is. 

Build your self belief, rebuild TRUST in your BODY, so that you can start supporting it in letting go of weight.

Creating a positive mindset

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. If how you have been thinking about your body and your food has left you with a weight problem that has to change. Do you think the following..

Hypno Happy Weight Course Contents

The course offers you audio recordings of affirmations, guided meditations and hypnotherapy sessions for repeated listening.
The course also contains some worksheets that will help you unravel some of the issues and reasons behind your eating and weight issues.

Module 1

Connect with your ability to eat intuitively. Start your mornings off to a powerful start with a morning intention setting recording. Forgive and accept the past so you can finally leave your weight problems in the past.

Module 2

Increase your intuitive eating skills even more in this module. Start to build a positive and grateful relationship with your body to create even more motivation to treat it right. Let your body let go of weight as you sleep by listening to the weight loss sleep hypnosis recording.

Module 3

This module is about skyrocketing your confidence. You have to believe it to see it! "Whether you think you can or cannot you are right" Remove the old ways you have spoken to yourself that block your confidence and progression. Build the confidence needed to move forward and let go of old ways of talking or treating yourself that have been keeping you down. 

Module 4

These recordings will help you to Choose food like a slim person. Eat like a slim person. Think like a person. This is done by being extremely connected to your unique tastes and signals from your stomach. Feel limitless with food. Know no food is out of bounds.  Allow your body the foods it needs to feel extremely well while at the same time letting go of the weight it no longer needs. 

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Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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