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Weight Loss Hypnosis Course


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Change how you approach your food, your body and your weight loss in a relaxed, enjoyable way. 

I have devised a series of recordings for you to listen to so you can change your approach to eating and weight loss.

Become more positive, motivated and hopeful about becoming your ideal weight.

Learn how to eat right for your ideal body weight.

Becoming confident about weight loss

After years of bad experiences with eating and weight we can have lost all hope of changing our eating or losing weight. Believe me I know. 

We have the same negative thoughts about food or our body, that lead to the same behaviours that lead to the same weight problems.

To change our results, we have to change the choices we make.

To change our choices, we have to change how we are looking at things.


Hypno Happy Weight Course Contents

The course offers you audio recordings of affirmations, guided meditations and hypnotherapy sessions for repeated listening.
The course also contains some worksheets that will help you unravel some of the issues and reasons behind your eating and weight issues.

Module 1

Let go of the past guilt, or thinking about what you ate yesterday. Set the intentions for the day. Eat in a more connected way so you eat the right amount for your goal

Module 2

Build a positive and grateful relationship with your body. Create motivation and belief in your goal. Drift off to sleep with a weight loss sleep hypnosis

Module 3

Change the way you talk to yourself to increase confidence. Increase your confidence in yourself and confidence in your ability to move forward with your eating and weight loss.

Module 4

Eat like a slim person. Think like a person. Learn how to let your physical cues guide you to the right amount and types of food to lose weight. Develop a disinterest in overeating.

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