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consultations for coeliac disease, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol

As a registered dietitian with a Masters in Nutritional Medicine I can help you if you are suffering from a dietary related condition or disease

If you are suffering from IBS I suggest you ask your GP to refer you to a FODMAP trained dietitian.

If you are looking to lose weight and overhaul your relationship with food please see the Happy Weight Programme.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is very common once we reach over 40 years old.

Many of us would rather improve our diet and exercise rather than depend solely on increasing medications.

Although sometimes high cholesterol is familial (has a genetic predisposition), optimising your eating and exercise will always be helpful. Changing habits will not just have a positive effect on your cholesterol levels, it will improve your day to day energy levels and prevent the development of other conditions

During this consultation, I will give you all the information you need to know about the formation of high cholesterol, the risks, but most importantly the dietary and exercise advice needed to improve it.

Coeliac Disease

Ireland has one of the highest rates of Coeliac disease in the world.

Getting this diagnosis at any age can be shocking and advice can be confusing. During my one to one consultations I will explain to you precisely what is going on in the body and why your body needs an altered diet. When you have Coeliac disease you are prone to certain deficiencies. I will be making you aware of these as well as highlighting any supplements you might need to take

I will also give you the tools you need to understand the foods you can eat and those you cannot. I will guide you to the best places to find more resources and recipes to help you make the most of new diet.

Coeliac disease does not have to be a minefield once you know what you can eat and once you have excellent gluten free options you enjoy

Type 2 Diabetes

The advice regarding a diabetic diet has changed a lot over the last 20years. It is no longer as strict and does not require an all out sugar ban or heavy restriction of foods. It is common for people to receive a lot of well meaning but inaccurate advice from friends or even health professionals. (No you do not need to avoid fruit!)

It is also a more positive approach I find to focus on the foods you want to add into your diet, as well as the differences you wish to make to your fitness and lifestyle. The diagnosis does not have to be seen as a bad thing and could be the sign you needed that something needs to change. Perhaps you haven’t been feeling as energetic or healthy as you know you could.

During our consultation I will be talking you through what is going on in the body when we have diabetes and why we need to mind ourselves more. I will be going over dietary advice that has been proven to help the condition.

Living with diabetes will be about small consistent changes, that allow us to feel our best and give our body the best shot.

The great news about the diet needed for diabetes is that is suitable and advisable for everyone! Eating more whole foods, and keeping an eye on a low GI way of eating can really help not just our condition, but how much energy we feel on a day to day basis. 


Programme and payment

Consultation structure

Initially you would pay €200, this would include a 1.5 hour consultation plus a 45minute follow up session.

Sessions can be in person at my Cork City Office (6 Camden Place) or via Video call.

The initial consultation of 1.5hours is to give you a thorough run through the dietary information you need to know regarding your condition. 

The follow up consultation will be to review your changes and help you with any issues implementing your new diet.

I recommend regular follow up following the inital package. 45 minute follow ups are €80.


Once we have arranged an appointment you will receive an appointment confirmation and your invoice.

You can pay by bank transfer or Revolut. I don’t have a credit card machine. I can take cash at in person appointments. 

Check your health insurance policy. I am registered with INDI and CORU. You may be able to claim back some or all of the costs.

Times & Location

I generally work Monday to Friday 9-5pm

I work in my Cork city office 2-3 days per week. Usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

If the consultation is via video call, I sometimes can offer out-of-hours appointment times.

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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