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Nutrition talks

I offer corporate talks for €300 per hour 

Corporate Nutrition

I want to help you and your team have the best attitude towards eating and health!

Ireland is described as an obesogenic environment where our culture with food and our food environment means we are more likely to experience excess weight and weight-related issues.
Dieting does not work and, in many cases, causes weight gain.
What is the alternative?
The healthiest diets and cultures in the world know how to celebrate and love foods.
They are not afraid of fats, carbs and salts.
An awesome relationship with foods means not saying things like “Be hung for a sheep as a lamb” or “I’ll be good starting on Monday” 
In my talks, I want to show you and your team how to develop an excellent relationship with all foods.
I highlight how diet culture in Ireland has led to overeating & weight problems for many. 
Learn to optimise your diet for your health, work and family life. 
Let me show you how to love how you eat and choose foods that meet your unique emotional and nutritional needs.

Email me now if you would like to know more about my nutrition talks or if you would like me to come speak at your work.

Talks Include:

Nutrition in Schools

We have a fantastic opportunity to help the next generation learn from the mistakes of the last generation.  

Growing up in the 70s, 80s, or 90s meant being told things like

“Finish your plate or you are not getting dessert”

“There’s starving kids in Africa”

These kinds of commands teach kids to override their internal appetite signals of taste, hunger and fullness.

Scientific research has found that children who grow up to be a healthy weight are those that continue to follow their internal signals (taste, hunger, fullness) rather than external signals (being told to eat it)

Kids can also be exposed to diet culture. Foods being referred to as “bad” or “good”. This can lead kids to secret eat or binge when their parents are not present.

Whether it is primary school children or secondary school teens, I would love to give them a positive, confident attitude towards their food and body image.  


Nutrition Programme for Schools - Aoife Deane - Cork

Community Nutrition Talks

I regularly work with the HSE and local council organisations to provide talks in the community. I love being part of health days and being there to answer any questions anyone has about diet or nutrition. 

Companies I Work With

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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