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I LOVE giving nutrition talks & have been giving them to every kind of group you can imagine since 2009

Corporate Nutrition

Increase you and your team's knowledge of Nutrition. Learn some great tips for better nutrition and feeling well during your work day.

As a dietitian giving talks is part of my DNA!  I have been giving talks to all sorts of groups since I was a student dietitian in Scotland. In the hospital setting, I have given a lot of talks to people with heart disease, weight problems, type 2 diabetes or Coeliac disease. Now that I work for myself I love giving talks in schools, community centres and in workplaces too. 

These days so many people have very demanding jobs, long work hours, stress and deadlines. On top of this, they have kids, other loved ones or personal projects and interests that they want to have their energy for too! Being fuelled with the right nutrition is so important so that we can perform at a consistently high level and prevent illness or health issues.

What works for most groups is a 30-40min talk plus time for Q&A

Email me now if you would like to know more about my nutrition talks or if you would like me to come speak at your work.

Talks Include:

Nutrition in Schools

Children are growing up in a very different food culture than we ever did. They are surrounded in processed foods and eating out or getting take away is a much bigger part of life than it was in the 90s or before it.

Teaching them good and bad foods is just not an option.

Shaming kids for their weight creates stigma, that can lead to a worse relationship with eating and therefore more weight.

In my talks I try and empower children and teenagers. I teach them how ALL foods have benefits, every food has a pro and con. If you eat too much of ANY food you will not feel well and it will take effect on the body. 

I teach them tools of intuitive eating, which is an important tool to have so we can navigate our way through a world of processed foods, have what we love but avoid discomfort, poor energy levels and weight gain caused by excess. 

I am most passionate about speaking to teenagers about eating disorders. My binge eating disorder started when I was in secondary school. I was always on a diet, and this led to binging and massive weight gain for me, as well as the emotional turmoil that comes with that. My greatest wish is that I can help teenagers avoid making the same mistakes I did by being aware of the pitfalls of dieting and providing them with alternative ways to mind their weight and health.

Nutrition Programme for Schools - Aoife Deane - Cork

Community Nutrition Talks

I regularly work with the HSE and local council organisations to provide talks in the community. I love being part of health days and being there to answer any questions anyone has about diet or nutrition. 

Companies I Work With

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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