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Learn about the range of nutrition consultations available including Corporate Nutrition, Nutrition in Schools & Community Talks

Corporate Nutrition

Studies repeatedly show that employees who are healthier, less stressed, more productive and have less sick days.

Corporate Employee Nutrition Programs - Aoife Deane

I deliver talks aimed to educate and empower employees to make and maintain sustainable, healthy habits.

This doesn’t just help people professionally, sustained energy levels can mean home life is better too, when people have more energy after their days work to have quality time with loved ones or pursue their other interests.

Many companies provide a health week for their employees. Before the talk I discuss with a contact from the company about what would best benefit the employees and create my talk accordingly.

Talks Include:

Nutrition in Schools

My talks to children and teenagers are very different but equally enjoyable.

Many schools need help and a new voice to help their students know more about the benefits of healthy eating.

I provide talks to students from age 7 to 17!

I have provided 2 x double nutrition classes to transition year students to give them a more in-depth understanding of nutrition.

This is aimed to help them to maximise their energy levels, support good mental health, increase concentration during class and study.

I try to make all my talks light and very interactive.

I include lots of simple take home messages so that the audience members can start making positive changes straight away.

Community Nutrition Talks

Nutrition Programme for Schools - Aoife Deane - Cork

Some communities work together in order to help boost the health of their local families.

Events like family days, ladies nights and fundraisers can be a great way of educating and empowering people in a fun relaxed environment.

I’ve worked at community initiative days all around Ireland on behalf of the Safefood supporting families on a low budget to eat healthy. I tailor talks based on whatever area of nutrition or health the organiser needs.

By staying around after attendees often come up and ask their individual private diet questions.

Community Nutrition Talks - Aoife Deane Cork

Companies I Work With

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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