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1-1 coaching

1-1 coaching by phone & video call to support people who wish to overcome the binge, diet, weight gain cycle.

Love Food Programme - Happy Weight - Cork

Online Course

As I have limited availability to work with clients 1 to 1, I have created this online course. The course covers what I feel are the most important aspects when it comes to changing our relationship with our food & body in order to change our results. Mindset shifts, Self hypnosis, Nutrition & Physiology information. If you have a negative relationship with your body (which leads to mistreatment & weight gain) and a negative relationship with food (which leads to guilt & overeating) this course is for you


Becoming our ideal weight will mean:

  • A real love for all foods.

  • A new zest for life as you no longer obsess about your weight or feel guilty after eating.

  • A relationship with food that allows for eating out, a social life, holidays & Christmas.

  • A confidence within yourself knowing you’re taking proper care of yourself, your health and are the weight you always knew you were meant to be.

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The Aim is to Feel your best NOW, no more waiting!

  • LOVE food rather than fear, guilt, shame

  • No longer obsess or think about weight & calories all day

  • Start protecting your body from overeating & it’s effects

  • Acquire a cool, calm, positive mindset that you will & can let go of your excess weight

  • Understanding YOUR unique nutritional needs without using calorie counting or points

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