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If you do what you’ve always done, you are going to get what you have always got.

You might feel like you have done everything to sort out your weight or food issues. However it is more likely you have done multiple diets and methods always with the same attitude and set of beliefs about your body and food.

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Most of us have never updated the programming we were given about food and weight growing up.

But if how your body looks, your weight and your relationship with food is not ideal, it is your beliefs that need to be changed and that’s what this comprehensive Love Food Programme will help you achieve.



You might believe “I can’t lose weight, it’s hard to lose weight, I have a slow metabolism, I lose weight but always regain it, I’ll never be my ideal weight”

You also might have very negative thoughts about your body when you look in the mirror.

You might have negative ideas about a lot of foods.

And as long as you keep this attitude, it really won’t matter what books or programmes you buy or professionals you pay. You will always end up at the same point.


I have called this programme the LOVE FOOD programme, because loving food goes hand in hand with loving your body. You can’t have one without the other.

When we hate our body we tend to take it out on our food: We diet, restrict, eat horrible diet foods, binge, and have an abusive relationship with food, using food to make us feel unwell often.

The opposite of loving food is when people feel guilt, shame, regret after eating. They count calories all day and obsess what damage it is doing to them. They secret eat, emotional eat, binge eat. They believe there are bad foods that will cause rapid weight gain and illness… this is fear.

This course will start you off on your journey to LOVING FOOD and LOVING YOUR BODY which is vital so you can have a permanent, positive relationship with food and how you treat your body, therefore a healthy weight.

Course Contents

The course contains 4 modules

Module 1 – A New Beginning

Becoming aware of your negative beliefs. Starting to pick them apart and undoing them. And the fun part, Setting the seeds of NEW BETTER BELIEFS –

Beliefs that are actually in line with what you DO WANT not what you don’t. There are also some worksheets and some thought training audios to listen to.

Module 2 – Understanding Excess Weight

One of the major reason people can’t lose weight is because they cannot admit or are not aware of where the excess weight came from in the beginning. There is a culture of victims in the diet community, to blame our body or our metabolism. This module is about gaining ownership and awareness of how and where extra, unenjoyable, unmemorable calories sneak into our week and affect our weight. This module will help you understand how your body PROMOTES and is trying to HELP you become a healthy weight.

Module 3 – Food & Food Groups

A major reason why people have disordered eating and weight problems is because they are running on very false information about foods.

As a registered dietitian, completing a Masters in Nutritional Medicine I want to show you why no food is to be feared. All foods provide benefits. It will be helpful to understand how different foods interact with your body. Different foods can do different things, but no one food can do everything.  That is why we need ALL foods, processed and natural.

Module 4 – Eating & Appetite  Understanding how our mind makes us overeat. Understanding why threatening yourself that you are going to lose weight soon will actually make you OVEREAT!

We have to get clear on how our mind works so we can eat less when we need to, without feeling scared or deprived. This module will also cover my version of the Hunger Scale. The hunger scale is often used by intuitive or mindful eating instructors, I have adapted it based on personal and professional experience of what works better. It will help you understand when and what your body needs to eat.

My Background

I have a very varied set of qualifications but I feel my biggest contribution to my clients is that I was a binge eater and was 3 stone heavier than I am now.

I did every diet, got every qualification and struggled from the age of 12 to my late 20s.

I know what you’re going through and I know what you need to do to start changing things.

This course has elements of self-hypnosis, hypnosis, nutrition and dietetics, law of attraction, life coaching, intuitive or mindful eating, however I do not subscribe fully or agree with any one of those approaches.

Is This Course For You?

I have devised this course for you based on the information I feel is most vital for you in order to start changing your mindset, relationship with food and therefore your health and weight.

Please do not buy this course if you want rapid weight loss or a food plan.

This course is for people who want to not follow diets and instead figure out their eating and what they need physically and emotionally when it comes to food.

I would absolutely love to have you on board!

So if you feel this is right for you, sign up now and I will see you very soon  😀


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