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No Taste or Smell because of Covid!

Here I am having a big slap-up meal (dessert and espresso martinis not included in the pic), and I couldn’t taste a bit!

Like anyone else who has had this symptom from Covid, it’s so weird!!

For me, I felt like I had lost my superpower!🥺

Because apart from the feeling in our stomach, taste is the main way we can know we are doing right by our body – helping it stay nourished and allowing it to become its ideal weight. AND I’m harping onto my clients all day, every day, promoting the importance of taste so it was ironic to not have it.

When food tastes weirdly amazing, way more so than usual, chances are your body really needs either the calories or the nutrients.

Like, have you ever had a glass of water or a big cup of tea when you were parched, and it tasted amazing?

Or have you ever had steak, a burger, or mince, and it tasted way nicer than usual? – maybe you were low in iron or B12.

And have you ever been in a low mood, wanted to eat something YUM to pep you up, but unfortunately, after all the hype & effort you went to get it, it only tasted grand😒

Pregnant women have very exaggerated tastes and cravings because they are doing the important job of growing a human. Having a certain amount of calories and mix of nutrients is VITAL! They can suddenly go off foods- like really go off them 🤢, be non-fussed about foods they used to love 😒 and LOVE things they never used to eat 🤤.

This is their body communicating what it DEFINITELY DOES NOT WANT ❌ & what it does ✔️

Our taste sensitivity is not as exaggerated as this, but it is there!

If you were force-fed growing up, put on diets or have been dieting a lot yourself, chances are you don’t give too much thought to how stuff tastes.

You eat “bad” foods when you’re in a “bad” phase and “good” foods when you are trying to lose weight.

Unfortunately, when we disregard what our personalised taste buds want and don’t want. Or if we disregard the importance of how our stomach feels (nice🥰  or making it either feel starved when on diets, to stuffed when off diets🤢 💀), chances are we are not enjoying our diet and not the weight we want to be.

One of the ways you’ll know your body has hit capacity is that even the NICEST foods are only tasting alright. If this is happening to you a lot, you may need to stop assuming how big your appetite is and what foods you think you like and instead start listening.

Listen and allow your stomach to say when IT is hungry/ needs food

Listen to your taste buds as you eat chocolate, biscuits, fruit or any food.

How much are you liking it? Is it the best version of this food, or do you rather have another?

And if you have lost your taste and smell from COVID, I hope it comes back soon!


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Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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