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The aim of this online course is to provide you with a nutrition and mindset re-education so that you change how you approach food and how you approach losing weight.

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Change how you see food & losing weight forever!

If you are not enjoying food, if you often feel guilt or regret about what you’ve eaten. If you feel confused about what you “should” eat, if you are a weight you don’t want to be, then you have some unlearning to do. (I’m saying this from experience growing up in toxic diet culture, gaining 3 stone excess weight.)

My aim for this programme is to give you new tools, new understanding, a new perspective, so you see food and your weight loss journey in a very different way. Move away from toxic diet culture, “good” food, “bad” food approach that is keeping you trapped at a weight you don’t want to be, and a tiring relationship with food. 

When we feel different, we act differently. When we act differently, we get different results. That is my aim for you. To start having the relationship with food you want while letting go of weight you do not want.

Course Contents

The course contains 4 modules

Module 1

Develop more self belief, more confidence about your ability to lose weight and eat better.
Learn the things you do that are keeping you stuck at a higher weight and an unmotivated attitude.

Module 2

Get very clear on what DOES cause excess weight and what does not! People with weight problems often have perfectionist tendencies, they deem days and foods "BAD" that aren't! This leads to low confidence and a feeling of failure. Learn the day to day things that cause excess weight and what does not.

Module 3

As a registered dietitian, completing a Masters in Nutritional Medicine I want to show you why no food is to be feared. All foods provide benefits. Learn how different foods and food groups interact with your body, your appetite, your physiology. Different foods can do different things, but no one food is all bad or all good. Learn why.

Module 4

You have to believe it to see it and the main reason people don't lose weight or can't keep it off is because they believe it will be too hard or not enjoyable or not possible for them. This module helps you believe in yourself, start believing how possible it is and how enjoyable it can be to let go of your old issues and weight problems and move on with your life at a happier weight.

Is This Course For You?

The course will be most suitable to you if you:

The course would not be suitable for you if you are looking for a specific food plan, a diet or you want to cut out foods. My aim with every client is to help them develop an extremely unique diet, based on their physical signals while feeling happy and empowered to feel good and reach their goals.

Sick of dieting?
Sick of overeating?
Sick of not enjoying your food?
This course is for you.

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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