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The aim of this online course is to provide you with a nutrition and mindset re-education to help you with your approach to eating and therefore your weight.

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Understanding You

For me dieting led to low body confidence, a very negative relationship with food and 3 stone weight gain. If you are struggling I know how it feels.

I will be covering every aspect I think is important in order to recreate your relationship with food & how you treat your body so that you can start becoming your ideal weight.

The course contains 5 modules that are full of videos, worksheets and recordings. The price you pay today will give you lifelong access to all content, even as new material is added periodically!

This course provides you with a different approach and mindset towards food, eating and weight.

I completed a degree in Dietetics and I was still a binge and overeater. Therefore mindset is always a key part of my work with clients. However saying that, I think there is a lot you need to unlearn about nutrition. Diets fill us with exaggerated or simplified education on food, which leads us to believe there are only good or bad foods. Food is to be used to feel WELL – physically and mentally. Not overfull, lethargic or restricted and sad.

I believe loving food & making the best of your body is such a basic that we all deserve. Life is too short for counting calories especially since it tends to make us fatter and unhappier! Use this course to recreate your relationship with food so that you can use your time and I.Q on much more important things than weight. At the same time start respecting your body and allowing it to reach it’s potential.

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Is This Course For You?

The course will be most suitable to you if you:

The course would not be suitable for you if you are looking for a food plan, a diet or you want to cut out foods. My aim with every client is to help them become someone who is slim without doesn’t diet.

Sick of dieting?
Sick of overeating?
Sick of not enjoying your food?
This course is for you.

Course Contents

The course contains 4 modules

Module 1

Becoming aware of your negative beliefs. Starting to pick them apart and undoing them. And the fun part, Setting the seeds of NEW BETTER BELIEFS – Beliefs that are actually in line with what you DO WANT not what you don’t. There are also some worksheets and some thought training audios to listen to.

Module 2

One of the major reason people can’t lose weight is because they cannot admit or are not aware of where the excess weight came from in the beginning. There is a culture of victims in the diet community, to blame our body or our metabolism. This module is about gaining ownership and awareness of how and where extra, unenjoyable, unmemorable calories sneak into our week and affect our weight. This module will help you understand how your body PROMOTES and is trying to HELP you become a healthy weight.

Module 3

A major reason why people have disordered eating and weight problems is because they are running on very false information about foods.

As a registered dietitian, completing a Masters in Nutritional Medicine I want to show you why no food is to be feared. All foods provide benefits. It will be helpful to understand how different foods interact with your body. Different foods can do different things, but no one food can do everything.  That is why we need ALL foods, processed and natural.

Module 4

Understanding how our mind makes us overeat. Understanding why threatening yourself that you are going to lose weight soon will actually make you OVEREAT!

We have to get clear on how our mind works so we can eat less when we need to, without feeling scared or deprived. This module will also cover my version of the Hunger Scale. The hunger scale is often used by intuitive or mindful eating instructors, I have adapted it based on personal and professional experience of what works better. It will help you understand when and what your body needs to eat.

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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