Learn To
Love Food


The aim of this online course is to provide you with the comprehensive re-education and mindset change that I help my 1-1 clients achieve but at a fraction of the price and no waiting list

Love Food Progamme - Happy Weight - Aoife Deane
Love Food Progamme - Happy Weight - Aoife Deane

Learn To
Love Food

Online Training Course

The aim of the online course is to provide you with the comprehensive re-education and change of mindset.

My one to one programmes are €1,500, this online course is €199

Is This Course For You?

The course will be most suitable to you if you:

  • Have excess weight because of overeating or binging

  • You’ve done lots of diets and are now overweight with a bad relationship with food

  • You are ready for developing a more positive relationship with food

  • You are very negative about your body and the foods you eat.

  • You want to allow your body to let go of the excess weight gained by your negative relationship with food

The course would not be suitable for you if you are looking for a food plan, a diet, to learn about foods to cut out or you want rapid weight loss.

If you are sick of dieting, and you have realised that it has ruined your relationship with food and your body this might be the course for you.

Happy Weight - Online Course Lose Weight Ireland
Happy Weight - Online Course Lose Weight Ireland

Understanding You

Having been through the experience of low body confidence, which lead to dieting, which lead to 3 stone weight gain due to overeating before and every diet, I know the journey you are on.

I will be covering every aspect I think is important in order to recreate your relationship with food & how you treat your body so that you can start becoming your ideal weight.

The course contains 5 modules that are full of videos, worksheets and recordings. The price you pay today will give you lifelong access to all content, even as new material is added periodically!

Some of the topics I will be covering are life prep for becoming your ideal weight.

Acting as if you are your ideal weight – eating an acting like a slim, body confident person eats & acts is a far more enjoyable way to let your body lose the excess weight that was caused during times when we neglected ourselves, overate, ate foods we did not even like or enjoy.

By doing this you will realise where you were going wrong. How scolding yourself & feeling guilty was super boosting weight gain & preventing you from treating yourself more positively.

In this course there is some education on changing your mindset, self hypnosis and just seeing things in a very different way.

I am biased that mindset is everything, because I studied Nutrition for years, completed a degree in Dietetics and I was still a binge and overeater. However despite saying that I think there is education on what I deem as the most important nutrition and physiology to know when it comes to understanding our drives to overeat. Learn how to satisfy your body correctly.

I would love to help have a better understanding of yourself, your moods, your outlook & how you eat, so that you can move on from your past and create a better future with your body and health.

Loving food & loving our body is such a basic daily pleasure I think we all deserve. I think wasting our time thinking about calories and our weight is one of the biggest addictions in today’s world. Wasting our I.Q, time and emotional energy on counting calories and hating our body is a distraction from starting the life we really want to live & becoming the person we want to be.

Sign up now and let’s begin that journey.

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