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Hypnosis in Amsterdam!

I had an amazing week last week in Amsterdam getting another Diploma in Hypnotherapy.
Thanks to my amazing teacher @aylaoostrom 👏🏽 & all at @omnihypnosisacademy
Lucky for me it was a brill group, we learned TONNES but had tonnes of fun too.
Clinical Hypnotherapy is pretty much the opposite of what people think it is. People think it’s something done to you, that you’d do things against your will, reveal secrets or private info & not be in control.
But if you don’t want to be hypnotised… guess what? You won’t be!
Like all therapies, YOUR input is what will make a therapy work or not.
Someone or something can be a guide, but it’s YOU forging YOUR unique path to your goal.
A full understanding of what hypnotherapy involves beforehand by your therapist is vital. It will help you to relax & trust the process.
One benefit of hypnotherapy is that your subconscious mind remembers stuff that your conscious mind doesn’t.
Pretty silly example but I didn’t know why I hated Sundays , but under hypnosis my subconscious mind had trapped emotions I had as a little girl – being really shy & on sundays having to visit lots of people or people visiting the house. When you’re shy & awkward you really hate that stuff. So even though I’m not shy now, & I’m 35 & can do whatever I want on a Sunday. The emotions remained. I had to release those emotions & frustrations.
Sometimes there’s no amount of being LOGICAL that will help you. For instance logically it might make sense to eat less & lose weight but subconsciously you might associate losing weight with pain, failure, being excluded, deprived , being unsafe, being controlled, being boring, being hungry, being uncomfortable – who knows, they were just some of my negative beliefs. But as long as that’s what your subconscious mind thinks about weight loss it will protect you from pain/weight loss at all costs. All of our habits are coming from a good place, a place of protecting ourselves 🥰🥰🥰
There will be more about this as well as recordings soon being added to the members area of my website & also in my Love Food Online programme which you can buy now !

Just scroll over to services> online programme


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Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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