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Happy Weight Group Sessions

Online & In person Happy Weight Group Sessions

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As well as the 4 hours of session time you will also receive access to the group session members area. 

Each session will consist of 3 parts

Section 1: Nutrition and Eating

Section 2: Success Mindset, building self-confidence and belief in achieving our goals
Section 3: Meditation and Hypnosis 

The entire course plus lifetime access to group session resources is €80

What to expect from the classes

Our eating and weight can be a very sensitive topic.

Maybe you have been mortified in the past by group sessions being spoken down to and weighed in front of others.

This is the opposite of my group sessions.

The aim is to educate and empower you. To help you learn a lot about yourself so you can clear mental blocks and habits that have prevented weight loss. Learn practical tools on how to eat during the day to have an excellent relationship with food while giving your body a chance to let go of excess weight.

The aim for all my work is to help you get on the road to become someone with an excellent relationship with all foods and is the weight they want to be.

Class Structure

I will be presenting for approximately 40 minutes.

I will be covering food, nutrition and eating behaviours to help you become slimmer and help you to reduce overeating, binge eating, mindless eating etc. As a former binge eater who was 3 stone overweight I have personal experience in changing outlook and behaviours. As a registered dietitian with a MSc in Nutritional Medicine you will be getting science-backed nutritional information only. 

We will also be going over some mindset information and tools to grow your level of confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. For me, changing my mindset was more important than nutrition in changing my behaviours and weight that’s why I became a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and mind coach.

We will end with a guided meditation and/or affirmations to help you increase your belief in reaching your goals. 

At the start of sessions we might have a quick chat about how everyone got on over the past week. I will be welcoming any questions. Although I encourage input and it helps others, if you do not want to contribute or show your name or face on the zoom call you do not have to. 

You will also gain life long access to group session resources on this website where you can find reflective practices and hypnotherapy recordings to help you improve your mindset, moods and behaviours, which is ultimately needed to lose weight.

What you will need : an hour of as undisrupted time as possible. During the guided mediation and affirmations, it would be especially beneficial to be on your own in the room. You will also need a pen and paper to take notes.

Zoom link will be sent prior to the course as will your log in details to group class resources.

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Previous group session reviews

“Thank you for the last few weeks, your advice has been incredibly helpful. I am so grateful for all of your wise reminders and information over the sessions. They have really eased my stress around what I’m eating. Thank you”


‘Thank you so much for the past few weeks, I’ve really enjoyed the’ve helped me more than you know. Thank you”

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About Aoife

For all of my teens and 20’s I was a non stop dieter and binge eater. Due to this nasty, exhausting cycle of being “good” and being “bad” my weight yo-yoed in a 3 stone range. 

I was a dietitian promoting rapid weight loss then going home in the evening and binge eating. During all of this I grew up and was best friends with a girl who ate whatever she wanted and stayed slim. I wanted to learn how to be just like that!

Since then I have worked hard on developing a far more positive relationship with food and my body which has resulted in being able to have a very unique diet of what I love while sustaining a healthy weight. I believe a change in mindset is more important than nutritional knowledge. I retrained as a hypnotherapist and mindcoach, firstly to cure my own issues and now I help others cure theirs. 

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