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Happy Weight Group Sessions

If you have listened to my podcast, been following me online or just came across my website I have very good news for you!!

I will be starting group sessions in my office in Cork City on Wednesday 10th May 2023 from 7-8.30pm.

Sessions will be on every Wednesday from 7-8.30pm for 6 weeks

Each session will consist of 3 parts

Section 1: Happy Weight Mindset
Section 2: Eating, Nutrition and Physiology
Section 3: Meditation and Hypnosis 

These sessions are perfect if you are sick of dieting:

Who this is not for:

Comfort Eating & The Coronavirus - Aoife Deane Nutritionist
Eat Healthy Coronavirus - Aoife Deane Dietitian Ireland

Happy weight mindset: 

Being a dieter can create a terrible mindset, wiring us for failure.

When we are dieters in the diet community it is common for us to believe things like there is something wrong with our metabolism, we can’t lose weight, it’s unfair on us, everyone loses weight easier, we will never lose weight, our childhood is why we are the weight we are today. Unfortunately as long as these are our beliefs these will be our reality.

We have to create a success mindset, the type of mindset that we might have in other areas of our life where things are going well. Each week you will learn more about the success and growth mindset needed to achieve any goal but specifically to work towards your health, eating and weight goals.

Eating, Nutrition & Physiology:

Meditation and hypnosis

Nutritionist Aoife Deane - Cork

Sign Up Today!

Numbers are limited as I intend to start with small groups.

The course is €120 link below. Tickets are non refundable.

Free Bonuses:  Access to the Happy Weight Members Only section on my website filled with hypnotherapy recordings and worksheets
Your Happy Weight Course folder. Each week you will receive more pages to add to your folder. 

If you would like more information on my approach before you sign up please follow me on instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube or listen to the Happy Weight Podcast. 

About Aoife

In my teens and 20’s I was a non stop dieter and binge eater. Due to this nasty, exhausting cycle of being “good” and being “bad” I gained 3 stone excess weight and constantly struggled with a weight yoyo.

I no longer have this problem as I worked hard on developing a far more positive relationship with food and my body.

I say all of this so that you know you are in good hands. I will never ever judge you on what you have eaten, or the weight you’ve gained. I know how terrifying it is to have a weight problem. I also know that we could know all the diets in the world but implementing advice is the hard part. 

Click the link now and be one step closer to Living Life at your Happy Weight

Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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