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Eating with no fear

My gorgeous niece Lizzie May demonstrates what it’s like to eat with zero fear.
We all used to be able to do this, but many of us have lost our way since.

What Lizzie is not thinking is : how much carbs is in this, is there wheat? How much carbs did she eat yesterday or so far today? Should I go off carbs now after this?

If Lizzie was in a room where 100 people had a plate of this infront of them and weren’t eating it, she wouldn’t care. Lizzie knows that the opinion that matters is that of her taste buds and her stomach. She doesn’t give a rashers if you think it’s good or not, or if it suits your body, it suits hers.

She hasn’t yet watched movies like The Truth about Fat, The Truth about Carbs or The Truth about protein foods, so she can just get on happily trusting her body.
She doesn’t read articles about The Top 10 most toxic foods.
She doesn’t join slimming clubs or diet plans where you have to exclude completely normal, delicious, everyday foods that everyone else in your life is eating and then make you feel like a weakling when you can’t do it.

She’s focused inward on her body, not outward on opinions and information.
And because of that she won’t be overeating because its a naughty food or the last time she eats it for a week.
She assumes food will always be around.
She’ll let her Momma know later when she gets hungry again. And then there will be plenty more yum food.

We all had this ability, it’s has just been covered up with years of too much information about nutrition, weight and food, that is all completely irrelevant to OUR needs. As a baby being fed milk from the breast or the bottle, once you had enough and your tummy was full, wild horses couldn’t have made you had more. You know what your tummy said was important!

Your body has grown you from an embryo to an adult and carries out millions of miraculous processes everyday to keep you alive. You can trust it!
Your body is equipped with taste buds that guides you to or away from foods that are right for your body and a feeling in your belly that will tell you when its time to eat and when its time to stop. And as Lizzie May knows and you used to know that’s all you need to let your body get to its ideal weight and health.


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Cork Dietitian Nutritionist - Happy Weight

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