Comfort Eating & The Coronavirus

When I was a binge eater, always trying to eat good foods and avoid bad foods,  I would have used this pandemic as a FREE FOR ALL!!

April 18, 2020

When I was a binge eater, always trying to eat good foods and avoid bad foods,  I would have used this pandemic as a FREE FOR ALL!!

I would have been eating BAD foods morning, noon and night and been Christmas day levels of full and sick before Leo V even made the announcement last week. By now, I would have put on 1/2 a stone, easily. I’d tell myself it doesn’t really “count” because it’s an exceptional circumstance and once it is over I’m gona go on a radical diet and exercise regimen and lose tonnes of weight.

That’s why people who believe there are “good” and “bad” foods always put on weight. Because they’ll always find an exceptional circumstance to break their own self imposed rules & eat bad, forbidden foods. These “bad” foods mainly taste so good because they’re forbidden.

You’ll need a more flexible, inclusive approach to what you eat, how you see food & how you see your body during this time.

You’ve no choice but to quit planning a cure all diet and exercise regimen because we’ve no idea what’s around the corner. Now more than ever it’s a good idea to accept the present and make the best of what is in front of us 😀

And wouldn’t it be great if we all did that!? We could minimise our mental and physical stress & in turn boost our immune systems and positive outlook.

If you don’t want to put on weight during this time please keep one thing in mind.

Overweight people are overweight because regardless of feeling full they keep eating (or eat even if not hungry). Nutrition is secondary to this.

(Anorexics are underweight because regardless of feeling hungry they don’t eat. Nutrition is secondary to that)

As overeaters we keep eating because we have strong, repetitive stories like : “Its a pandemic, I need it”  “I’m starting a proper diet next week”  “I will do a walk tomorrow i deserve it”.. that we use to override what our physical body is telling us.

Ultimately your stomach does give a rats what your story is!
It doesn’t care about your walk yesterday or tomorrow or what you deserve.  Just like when your bladder says it’s full it is full! Your stomach also means FULL IS FULL NOW. It is at capacity and powering through is just putting unnecessary pressure and pain on yourself.
Overweight and obesity are a bigger problem in Ireland than nutritional deficiencies, so it is important to improve our health we fix our way of eating>weight first which has the most consequences, then once that is done can think about nutrition.

Eat junky stuff and be happy 😀

Our food education on modern foods, is like our sex education was …. don’t partake or partake and feel lots of guilt and shame.

This is not realistic. Junk food is part of life in 2020. Aiming to cut it out 100% during this time would be madness and in the longer term, would also be madness, socially limiting and down right missing out!

Naturally slim people tend to only eat food that tastes VERY GOOD and makes them feel VERY GOOD – whether that’s a New York style cheese cake or some celery sticks – they don’t judge themselves either way. Different things at different times, unaware of  “good” or “bad” because they don’t give a rashers what anyone else is doing with food or what they “should” be doing.

Here is my main advice to prevent weight gain during this time:

  • Don’t make a plan for when & how you are going to eat this week. That’s as silly as making a plan for when you’ll need to pee.

  • Wait until your stomach says you are actually hungry before you eat.

  • Stop telling yourself horrible stories that make you override that feeling of full. LIVE IN THE NOW.

  • Forget nutrition or what you SHOULD eat. Choose something that is 10 out of 10 delicious and that WILL make your belly feel LOVELY afterwards. (sometimes it will be healthy, sometimes unhealthy.. stay open minded to learn)

  • You can stop when you’re full because the next time you’re hungry you’ll be doing the same again 😀

If your mood is low and you’re feeling scared about the whole thing, but your belly is already full well continuing to eat ain’t the comfort you REALLY need.

Comfort eating is usually driven by a mean mental story like:  ‘I won’t allow myself eat this tomorrow” or “I’m fat anyways so I might as well”  & the resulting overfull feelings, bloated, tummy problems, going to bed really full ain’t very comforting either. All in all you could give yourself better comfort than that.

It’s like a kid coming home from school crying and instead of asking whats wrong how could you make it better you say “SHUT UP AND EAT THESE DOUGHNUTS”

That’s not a solution and it’s not helping you develop ways of comforting yourself.

The comfort usually comes from you telling yourself that this is forbidden or your last time eating it. By telling yourself its not forbidden its completely allowed and will be there all day everyday forever, a lot of the novelty starts going away.  And remind yourself of all the slim people out that DO eat junk and stay their ideal weight. You could be one of them 😀

You deserve to get the actual comfort you are looking for when your mood drops.

Start looking for the root cause or thought of your discomfort.

If your mood is low and you’re feeling scared about the whole thing, but your belly is already full well continuing to eat ain’t the comfort you REALLY need.

Sometimes its just the same one over and over. Like I’m not good enough. Im fat. No one likes me. And  for any mean statement you need to be your own coach and cheerleader proving that thats not true, and that you are great, you are loved, and you are capable of ANYTHING 😀 !

Choose to stop thinking the abusive thoughts, even for a few hours. And think how could you go to bed feeling totally pampered, totally comforted, like a princess, a goddess or a queen!.. yes I mean that level of self care 😀

So by the time you’re in bed, you can look back at fond memories of a nice night of pampering yourself , and because you ate the perfect amount of 10/10 delicious food, you also feel nicely satisfied and comfortable going to bed.

And if you achieve even one night like that, that can be the start of many many more

Take care of yourself