Can You Eat BIG Pizzas & Stay Slim?

There’s few things nicer than having pizza in Baltimore, West Cork…Munching and chatting while looking out at the gorgeous view.

May 22, 2020

There’s few things nicer than having pizza in Baltimore, West Cork.

Munching and chatting while looking out at the gorgeous view.

I love getting a big spicy pepperoni pizza & I can’t eat pizza without every mouthful being 2 part pizza. 1 part mayonnaise.

So how can you incorporate such a lard fest into a healthy balanced diet and stay slim? Well if you were to go by the food pyramid you just don’t. Instead you just try not to eat them and then feel horrible guilt and shame anytime you do. And  if you were to add a 1,800 kcal pizza to my fitness pal it would make you think

“you’re a monster how could ANYONE eat that much” or “you’ve just cancelled out 18 half hour walks!”… all of which makes you feel guilty, hopeless and depressed.

This is why you have to STOP thinking like a dieter and start thinking like a naturally slim person. By feeling guilty after pizza are you saying that, all slim people don’t eat pizza? all slim people never eat out?, slim people never overeat? Obviously that’s not true. So surely there could be a future where YOU ARE SLIM AND YOU EAT PIZZA NORMALLY WITH LOVED ONES.

The Mindset secret is that naturally slim people focus on feeling good, not nutrition. They’ll eat something if it makes them feel good. They won’t if it won’t. They’re don’t have rules like foods are “forbidden” or “trying to stay OFF them“. Therefore they don’t get a BUZZ by breaking these rules. They don’t feel shame or guilt after eating because what they eat is no one else’s business.

So now you’ve parked the guilt, let’s get to the nutrition. What does a large pizza have a LOT OF and NOT ENOUGH OF so you can rebalance after.

It has a lot of:


Depending on the pizza, very large, very fatty ones will most likely be most if not more than the energy your body uses in a sedentary day.

This means your body will be pretty stocked up!  It is the equivalent of going to the petrol station and filling your car to the absolute max! You won’t need to refill for quite a while.

So step 1: Be VERY open minded about when you’ll need to eat again. Actually don’t use your mind, use your stomach. Feeling hunger is like feeling cold. If you don’t know whether you are or not. It’s because you’re not. Your body is busy processing and using your energy stores.

Saturated Fat

This pizza contains MULTIPLE fat sources in large amounts from chilli oil, to the saturated fat in cheese and meat, and the mix of fats in mayonnaise.An oversimplified explanation of eating too much fat, is it is a bit like pouring fat down the sink. If there’s a lot going down everyday it will clog up the pipes & cause a blockage.
In our body, after we eat a lot of fat, our body has to work very hard to clear this fat out of the blood stream quickly. Fat can build up & harden along our arteries. Pieces can crack off and block vessels which is what causes a stroke or heart attack.

So without totally freaking you out, it would be a nice thing to do to see such a big meal as a bit of a kick to your body. It will need a break from fat after such a meal that is so demanding on our heart and circulatory system.


Salt is very yum but we technically don’t even need it in our diets.  (Some tribes live only on trace amounts found in the fish in their diet)
Government guidelines say we should aim for 6g per day (thats 6 sachets of salt from the chipper). Most of the salt we eat is not we add to food but what is already contained in most products that are in tins, freezer foods & dry store foods.
Salt raises your blood pressure. From a weight point of view slight dehydration and peckishness is the same signal in the brain, so it’s easier to confuse needing to drink water with needing to eat.

What have you not had enough of and need MORE OF!


Fibrous, fresh, foods that grow is what our gut flora depends on.
More research is coming out as to how our gut is the real control centre of our body. Not the brain because the gut effects how the brain works!  The gut also influences our immune system. Colon cancer is the 4th most common cancer in Ireland and a diet lacking fibre is a risk factor.

There’s no pill or supplement that you can take that substitutes fruit and veg. You need the WHOLE thing.

Fibre is about VOLUME! We need big bulky dishes or snacks made of fruit and vegetables. As they travel through our digestive system and the gut supporting organs and beneficial microbes along the way along. Fibre is also a natural appetite suppressant


Our body is 60-80% water and it is our main requirement. Considering a large pizza might contain days worth of salt, our body could really do with a break afterwards and lots and lots of water over the next 24hrs. This will help flush out that extra salt and prevent false hunger caused by slight dehydration.

A Break

We are still programmed from our grandparents or parent’s time when food was scarce, that food is always a REWARD! and eating is nice thing to do for yourself after a hard day. But it is very different times now with 2/3′ s of all deaths linked with too much food & “treats”! (Coronary heart disease and Cancer which account for 2/3s of deaths are strongly linked with obesity and poor diet)

Consuming a days worth of calories in 1 go is no mean feat for the body. It is a lot of work. So the nicest, kindest thing you could do for your body after such a huge workload is to give it a break!

Give it a bit of R&R.

Let it get through what it has first before stuffing down more.  Get on with your day. Find comforts and distractions somewhere else. Your stomach will alert you when it’s empty & if it’s not, don’t interrupt it’s processing by adding more food.


The dieter’s mentality is very harsh. It’s all “good” foods or “bad” foods and we assume our body has a “COMPUTER SAYS NO” approach. Thankfully our bodies are far more forgiving and go with the flow.
Every food has A LOT of one thing and not a lot of other things, and as long as your body is overall getting what it needs, and not being overburdened by any one nutrient, it will be happy out.😉

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Love and hugs!