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Aoife Deane BSc, MSc, R.D
Registered Dietitian, Mind Coach and Hypnotherapist

Quit the diet cycle and lose weight permanently

You feel have done every diet yet are heavier and more confused about food than ever?

Upset and obsessing about calories and your weight a lot?

Feeling out of control with food?

I can relate to all of this. I was 3 stone heavier. I was a non stop dieter, yo-yoing in weight. Overeating, emotional eating and binging. 

Having overcome issues and also being a registered dietitian with a Masters in Nutritional Medicine, a mindcoach and a hypnotherapist, I know what it takes to really change.

Willpower doesn’t work long term. Becoming and staying our healthy weight means you change how and why you eat what you eat. You have a cool relationship with all foods, no more “bad” days and spiralling.

Whether you struggle with undereating, overeating or restrictive eating I can help you become free. To become happy and confident with how and why you choose foods and to become a healthy, happy weight.

Understand and overcome your emotional triggers with food and weight.

Learn real nutrition from an expert and unlearn all the faddy and extreme information learned through dieting.

Change your behaviours and habits around food so you permanently let go of weight and easily keep it off

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Meet Aoife

I remember the first time I thought I was fat and should start dieting. I was 11 years old changing for P.E in Drimoleague, West Cork, where I am from. As the youngest of 5 children, my parents and siblings were all on and off diets. There was a such a fear of getting fat in our house. Looking back, it was inevitable I was going to diet and develop a fear of food and getting fat…

Do you just want to be “normal” with all foods, not always on diets. Do you want to have a nice healthy weight without it being an obsession or constant focus?

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