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Aoife Deane BSc (Hons), MSc, R.D
Registered Dietitian, Mind Coach and Hypnotherapist

If you are sick of dieting and getting no where, I can help!

Dieting caused me to gain 3 stone, develop binge eating disorder and bulimia. I dieted so much, but all I wanted was to be like my slim friend who didn’t diet!

Hi, I’m Aoife

I’m extremely passionate about helping people have an amazing relationship with all foods. One that helps their body be a healthy weight but also enjoyable, fun, social and normal!

Like many people diets made me fatter. I’d lose 6 pounds then regain 8lbs. Lose 8lbs then gain 10lbs. I did this all the way up to being 3 stone heavier and 4 dress sizes bigger than I am now.

Diet culture is so pervasive, most people don’t know they are in it. 

As a kid you might have been told you were a good girl or boy for finishing your plate. Then as a teen or adult you did diets where certain foods were “good” or “bad” and portions were right or wrong. So chances are you have no idea how to feed your body right for it’s unique and ever-changing physical and emotional daily needs and it’s ideal weight.

The truth of what you’d need to do to become a healthy weight person over time is so so much better than you think. I remember so many times eating something thinking “If being slim means I can never eat this or I have to be on a diet forever, then I’d rather be overweight”. The idea that some people are just lucky and the rest of us need to control and diet forever was very depressing (and made me eat more). The good news is that is not the answer.

Dieting is awful and very bad for you psychologically and physically, but overeating, binging, secret eating, non stop grazing and so called “comfort” eating is equally as bad. 

I don’t see it as chasing weight loss. I see it as letting go of all the things you are doing and ways of thinking, that make overeating and excess weight inevitable. 

I know how horrible eating and weight issues are, and I would love to help you so if any of this resonates, please take a look at my 1-1 programme and shoot me an email so we can chat further.



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Happy Weight - Aoife Deane - Dietician & Nutritionist Cork

Meet Aoife

I remember the first time I thought I was fat and should start dieting. I was 11 years old changing for P.E in Drimoleague, West Cork, where I am from. As the youngest of 5 children, my parents and siblings were all on and off diets. There was a such a fear of getting fat in our house. Looking back, it was inevitable I was going to diet and develop a fear of food and getting fat…

Do you just want to be “normal” with all foods, not always on diets, and just be a nice healthy weight you are happy with – allowing your body reach it’s potential. 

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