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If dieting has made you fatter not thinner I can help!

Change the negative relationship that you have with your food & body that are sustaining your weight problem!

If you are always on and off diets, yo yo in weight & have a terrible relationship with food, I can help. I have been there myself and have specialised in this field for over 11 years. You, as much as anyone, deserve to LOVE ALL FOODS. My aim is to give you the mindset and nutrition education so that you can slowly but surely start becoming one of those people who’s happy with their weight and doesn’t diet…

Understanding Nutrition

I know what it’s like to know everything about nutrition but still not be able to lose weight. Despite being a registered and working dietitian I wasn’t able to sustain good habits with food. My weight fluctuated in a 3 stone/18kg range due to dieting and overeating. I was a binge eater, secret eater, comfort eater & mindless eater.

I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Mind Coach & Mindful Eating Practitioner. These qualifications helped me overcome comfort eating and now I help clients do the same. I give you practical tools and strategies to update your thinking, how you see food and how you see your goal. People say “I’ve tried everything” . What they actually mean is I’ve dieted, over and over again, with the same expectations and the same results. For a different outcome, you need a new mindset.  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you are looking at start to change” – Wayne Dyer

My degree in dietetics and my Msc in Nutritional Medicine (which I am completing) means that during your programme you get an up to date, safe, fad free education on food. Understanding all foods have nutrients. There is no such thing as “good” foods or “bad” foods.

Understanding You

My personal experience overcoming weight issues means I have endless empathy with your situation and no judgement. No matter how overweight you are or how long you’ve been overweight, I see no reason why you can’t move forward and be the weight you want to be.

Why diets won’t work and what will.

I genuinely believe some people (me included) get a lot more comfort & pleasure from food than others. That is why we turn to food when we are sad. That is why we either can’t diet, or when we do, we find it extremely, extremely hard and soon give up. That is why learning more nutrition ( or getting a degree in nutrition!) won’t be the whole cure. Your mindset & relationship with food and your body need help.

A good relationship with food would mean secret eating, mindless eating, binge eating, overeating until uncomfortable, going to bed full to sick, would just never happen! I want to help you achieve a permanent, enjoyable relationship with food and your body. By doing this, reaching and sustaining your ideal healthy weight is inevitable.

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Happy Weight - Aoife Deane - Dietician & Nutritionist Cork

Meet Aoife

I remember the first time I thought I was fat and should start dieting. I was 11 years old changing for P.E in Drimoleague, West Cork, where I am from. As the youngest of 5 children, my parents and siblings were all on and off diets. There was a such a fear of getting fat in our house. Looking back, it was inevitable I was going to diet and develop a fear of food and getting fat…

My goal was to be the same weight all the time, for my clothes to always fit. For my weight not to change regardless of what’s going on, where I am, who am I with, if it is Christmas, Summer, or on trips abroad. But most of all be normal! Not to be on weird diets & alienating myself when eating with friends and family at home in West Cork.

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I like to think my tips are practical and for people who have a full and busy life with many other interests apart from weight!

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"Aoife was great, learned so much from her and learned to listen to my body. Still eat the foods I enjoy and really taste the food and know when I am full. I also learned how to change my attitude towards eating and learning to stay positive, when you feel a certain way or feel you had a bad week. Through this managed to consistently lose weight. So helpful! and learned a lot."


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